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10 Soft Skills You Can Learn To Cope With Unemployment

by Victor Lil Vick
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10 Soft Skills You Can Learn To Cope With Unemployment
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10 Soft Skills You Can Learn To Cope With Unemployment

Over the last couple of months now, the world was hit with a global pandemic which affect virtually the lives and economy of countries as well as it’s citizens.

The pandemic ushered us into what we now regard as “The New Normal”.

This implies that things will no longer be as before, some business has folded up while some moved from being offline to being online.

Some markets are closed for onground sales while it has moved to online sales.

It is also important to note that in this part of the world (Nigeria) that we have entered into another economic recession for the second time in four years.

This implies that this is going to have a drastic and bad effect on the citizens of the country especially those below the middle level .

With Nigeria in another recession, the cost if living will be very high and Nigeria’s high poverty rate will even spike up again.

In this post , we are going to be highlighting

10 Soft Skills You Can Learn To Cope With Unemployment
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Top 10 Soft Skills You Can Learn To Cope With Unemployment

These skills include;

Graphics design

Website design

Digital marketing

E- Commerce

Creative writing

Internet research

Fashion design and Knitting.

Programming (coding)

Videography and Cinematography.


Now let take these skills one after the other and see what each entails.

Graphics design: This is one of the hottest skills you can learn .

The beauty of this skill is that you can design for people you don’t even know , you can design for people in other countries.

To acquire this skill is not so hard ; there are some videos you can get online and some free courses you can take online to accqiure the skill. E.g Allison courses, udemy, Shaw Academy…etc.

This skill provides limitless avenues to make money from while you are doing other things too.

You can create graphics for websites (especially during this age where nearly all businesses has a website).

You can even become a design freelancer for newspapers, companies or blogs.
You can even teach people this skill you have learnt and also make money from that as well. This skill is rich 🤑.

. If I were you I would want to consider it.🤑. .

Website Design: This is another important skill you can also opt-in for.

Relax, it is not as hard as you think. Yes, I was with like you when I heard of it but all or it took me to learn how to design a website was just an explanation in PDF format.

Imagine, I didn’t even use a video to learn, just a written document and I was able to get to create a website and not just that …

I was able to run Ads for my website (more on Ads later 🤭. ). You are probably looking for a way to get the book right 🤭. ?,

Don’t worry, we will send it just keep in touch with us and always check our website ( naijalikeplay.com).

The benefits associated with this skill is also limitless as you can now create a website for your business, you also create for others e.g companies, private business and even blogs.

Digital marketing: I told you we would later talk about Ads right?

So here we are now. We all know that the world is now a global village thanks to the internet.

Ads comes in different forms and format and on diverse platforms. Ads on the internet is a job on its own.

I want to believe that many of us must have experienced a situation while we are browsing on our phones and we suddenly see a page popping up trying to advertise either goods or services and sometimes we feel frustrated such that we want to delete the page from our phone and continue with our browsing 😂

I feel your pain, but interestingly you should notice that you read the Ads and you understand what the Ads is trying to pass across and with that, the Ads has done it’s job. So digital marketing is another skill you want to be interested in.

Digital marketing vines out in different forms; we have Facebook Ads, Google Ads and you can even advertise on Instagram and other social media.

All you have to do is to sponsor those Ads and then they will perform their functions.

E-Commerce: This is another skill you can learn, and trust me this is a very easy skill to learn.
. We have so many aspect to E-commerce; Drop shipping, mini importation……etc. But here we will simply talk about mini importation as an aspect of E-commerce.

Mimi importation simply means buying goods from other countries in bulk (especially China) and then selling it here in Nigeria. Relax, it is not capital intensive ( especially if you are buying from China).

. There are some store in China where you can buy goods in bulk at a very cheap rate and sell high in Nigeria and the importing and delivery fee is not so high.
. An example of such store in China is 1688.com.

Even if you don’t have money to start this business you can still make money from it, all you need to do is to get your buyers to pay and then you import the goods from the money they paid.

You don’t have to use your money to start, you don’t even need a physical store or shop to start selling.

Just screenshot the images of the goods from the store, send it to your buyers, once they like it , do your calculations i.e the amount you will sell it then they pay you and then you import.
It is as easy as that and I have a PDF format on how to import from China. Just keep in touch with us and you will get the e-book. (08135285536)

Creative writing: Some people call it freelancing while others call it writing. Whichever way you call it , it is a skill and it pays quite much. Just as you are reading this post, someone wrote it and this is what we are talking about. All it takes is to be very good at it and you can get paid for that .

You might not even write for blogs, you might just be very good at writing novels, screenplays, short poems and other artistic pieces and you get paid for doing so.

In short, writing is another skill you might as well consider.
Funny enough you don’t need any capital to start, all you need is your creative mind and your pen.

Internet research: This is one of the simplest skill you can ever acquire, all it takes is just your mobile phone that has internet access.

With this skill you can help different thesis writers search for journals relevant to their research topic and get paid for that.
How sweet will that be , someone paying me for browsing on the internet 🤑. 😀 🤭. .

Fashion design and knitting: This is another one you don’t want to miss (especially knitting).

10 Soft Skills You Can Learn To Cope With Unemployment
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10 Soft Skills You Can Learn To Cope With Unemployment

We all know people always want to look good in terms of appearance and some will even go an extra mile to concealing an idea or style in their mind and then give it to a fashion designer to bring the idea into reality.

This is where your fashion design skill comes in and you can make money from such .

You can learn how to knit on YouTube, yes I said it, YouTube. I have a friend who learnt knitting on YouTube and that is her business till today. So if she can why can’t you?.

Programing (coding): This is another skill you can learnt, there are different programers online who are ready to teach you in ways of JavaScript, HTML, CSS….etc. You can learn on YouTube as well.

Videography and cinematography: You can learn how to edit and shoot videos for people.

All you need is to know how to use some video editing software like; after effect and you get paid.

You can even start editing for short comedy skit for upcoming content creators.

Farming: This is the last skills you can learn as we suggest in this post.

10 Soft Skills You Can Learn To Cope With Unemployment
Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com
10 Soft Skills You Can Learn To Cope With Unemployment

I know some of us might be felling indifferent to this skill but it is actually the only thing that is keeping us alive till now.

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It is when you have food to eat and you are healthy that you can think of chasing or pursuing your dream. If you can’t move your body as a result of poor health condition then you can’t even think of your dreams not to talk of realizing it.

Farming is simply a necessary survival skills.
With these skills listed above you might want to choose from one and add it to what you are doing or even start one if you haven’t started anything yet and you can better your life even during this hard and trying period in Nigeria.


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