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Africans Were Wealthy Before The Infestation Of Western Culture – Editorial Opinion

by Victor Lil Vick
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Africans Were Wealthy Before The Infestation Of Western Culture
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Africans Were Wealthy Before The Infestation Of Western Culture

Written By Paul Tosin


African states in her best shape of life before evil billow over her, the origin of the states which were traced to be subjected to humanity and welcoming of foreigners to her land became inhumanity, strange wilderness and forbidden home for her citizenship and other living being to stay.

Africans begin to trade their unlimited value and precious etiquettes to the foreigners for perishable materials and this mark the beginning of devaluation of Africans unlimited value and etiquettes which mark the commencement of chronic rains of poverty in Africans states.

The foreigners came to polluted African land and make it unbearable for her citizens to live and survive.

Africans Were Wealthy Before The Infestation Of Western Culture
Lord Macaulay’s Address to the British Colonial Parliament on the second of February 1835 on how the Colonial powers can destroy the perfect African cultural society

No wonder you’ll see many Africans spread across other continents in order to live save, survive and have prosperous life.

You will never see any foreigners in African states striving hard to survive and live to be save, never!

It’s not going to happen; their coming to African states is to enslave us, by using us for unpleasant work in our own dear motherland.

Why African people rejected their first priorities value and etiquette for money.

It has be in oblivion that treasures, wealth and money wasn’t in the first four of our etiquette which the pursuance of these has led African states to abject poverty.

Sense of reasoning which is the application of wisdom, knowledge and understanding is the first value and etiquette of the African states, integrity, humanity and prestige follow before money.

The story has become otherwise, when western Europeans and other white meddle with Africans States, they planted evil in the land and Africans became evil doer who horribly seek after money and ignore her first four value and etiquettes.

Much priorities was given to money since 17th century, much more priorities has been given to money nowadays than wisdom, integrity, humanity and prestige which has torn many lives apart than other values.

Money is good, it is not necessity but much value has been placed on it than wisdom, integrity, humanity and prestige.

In 1820s African cattle and crops were exchange for beads and brandy and on occasion may have purchased slaves, although even settlers well beyond colonial boundaries now disguised this as “apprenticeship” and “indenture.”

The establishment of republics throughout the 19th century meant that black Africans continued to lose land and ultimately their independence to white-dominated governments.

Africans begin to trend along and follow the pattern of the colonists, rejected their superior language for colonists inferior languages to the extent that many Africans as totally lost their indigenous language and could hardly speaks it even the writer of this article not exclusive.

Our culture became history in our land, we preferred the barbarianism to our precious civilization, we dumped our belief, learning, literary culture, for savage because we lack basic refinement to maintain what we have.

We began to experience unwillingly and unpleasant defeat, loss, damages on our belongings and treasures because we have trade our knowledge, other values and etiquettes for intangible materials. When a country or an individual begin to seek horribly for money and after money, still finding money without acquiring knowledge and understanding to do with the money seeking after will end up like African States.

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Until African states begin to have perfect knowledge and understanding on what they have, respect back their values and etiquettes and stop seeking for horribly money that in turn has brought chronic poverty to our land before Africa that once be the greatest nation in the world could reign again as the greatest continent in the world.

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