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Davido Sweetheart Chioma Open Up On Alleged Abusive Relationship

by Victor Lil Vick
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Chioma Davido

Davido Sweetheart Chioma Open Up On Alleged Abusive Relationship

Chioma, wife of popular Nigeria musician David Adeleke Davido, has open up over alleged abusive relationship with her fiance .

Chioma Avril denied the allegation that she has been enduring domestic abuse from her super star husband whom recently celebrates how he purchased a house in banana island with the money he made from singing about bananas falling someone.

Recent rumors on social media says that she has park out of his house and the couple are no longer together again.

Some sources claim that the hip hop superstar often raises finger on her.

However the popular chef has denied the allegation.

She said she cannot keep quiet in the midst of domestic abuse and would speak out if she is a victim.

Chioma has call out those spreading false rumour to get their fact right before passing out false information to the public and threaten to sue the perpetrators if they persist

Read her reaction on Instagram below πŸ‘‡πŸ½

I understand you guys sincerely love to unfold all styles of rumours and testimonies for your entertainment and I’ve known from Day 1 what to anticipate from blogs and the internet especially with myself and own family being within the public space.

I have in no way once pop out to respond to any blogger or react to any hearsay mongers before as pretty frankly it has by no means been my nature to have interaction in on-line battles or pay too much mind to social media.

But I have to say I even have found quite traumatic the tales of home abuse among myself and Davido and for once experience a need to speak up.

Domestic violence and abuse is NO JOKE and now not something to ever take lightly.

Never has there ever been an incident of abuse in my home.

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He has by no means in his existence lifted a finger to the touch me and I actually have in no way so much as even driven him.

I agree with with everything we peddle as human beings whether offline or online, we ought to have a bit of worry of God extra so when speaking on matters we recognise actually not anything of.

I’m no longer sure where in the global such tales have commenced from, but I want to make certain absolutely everyone showing difficulty whether or not faux or real, that such has never and will never happen.

Davido - I Acquired A Mansion In Banana Island With The Money I Made Singing Banana Fall On You

Davido Sweetheart Chioma Open Up On Alleged Abusive Relationship

Further, we do not take such allegations of abuse lightly in any respect and if such persists then we are able to be together taking up action against the perpetrators of these disgusting rumour.

To the beautiful young ones available, by no means ever permit a man to put his palms on you even as you keep quiet.

If you had been ever to go through such, ensure you SPEAK UP!

With all this is going on within the world proper now, we maximum certainly can’t sit round and condone or encourage ladies to condone such!

Love,Chioma ❀️”

Chioma Open Up On Alleged Abusive Relationship With Davido



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