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How Foreign Civilization Destroyed Our Cultural Heritage

by Victor Lil Vick
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How Foreign Civilization Destroyed Our Culture Heritage

How Foreign Civilization Destroyed Our Cultural Heritage

Written By Paul Tosin ©

Yoruba is a great Nation before 500BCE,
Ile-Ife has shown features of urbanization in her 12th century,
many refined natural resources and naturalistic sculptural which appears to have created under the patronage of Obalufon II in the period of 1300CE, there is a way of worshipping that we call upon the almighty creator ‘Olodumare’ or ‘Eledumare’ before the missionaries abet colonists and abate our ancestors means of living by their modern ways that murdered us till now in the name of civilization and Christianity.

The Dynasty of our kings as been regarded by the Yoruba as a place of Origin of human civilization till today before the rise of Oyo.

In the mid 18 century “Strange religious brought civilization they claimed” it opened our eyes and knowledge, basically it was religious of truth and love.

We were civilized now we were told again that civilization has brought to us numerous disasters, should we go back to our old means of living (tradition and religion) because it is very impossible to do the two together they were contradicting,

Is either we choose to ignore civilization and or accept back our traditional means if not civilization will civilize our life.

The strange religious claimed to be peace to our ancestors which was accepted despite muddy to them;

Only few numbers of our ancestors knew it never the way it was called because of the nature and mode of operation.

They penetrate with hard force, took away what belong to us called mammon, used it for their own, their generation and coming generation life self advance.

We’ve gotten used with the corrupt mind by the missionaries and the colonists in the name of religious given to us by forsaken our old religious to persistence and high rate of criminal, murderers, religion abusers, kidnappers, injustice, hyper rappers and many unconformity manners in our land unlike when they’ve never invade our land.

How should we balance this means of living?

The missionaries system claim to be peaceful maker but have installed the ready made poor attributes and corruptible programme on our ancestors brain board system.
They couldn’t comprehend outside the box rather within the instructions given by the missionaries.

How should we balance this two equation of traditional and modern means of living before the modern means murder us.

Thanks to the most high Creator of all creatures given divine knowledge to human kinds only few people could comprehend his mysterious way of doing things.

Human being always claimed they are the wisest among the creatures but I considered human as the most fool creature among other creatures.

Apparently, we often dig hole pass our limit which most time turn to greatest Abyss beyond our control as this novel virus turns out unexpected beyond the nature behind it.

I usually tell everyone around me that the whole world especially the African states will never be the same again prior to the huge effect of this novel disease and what it has caused in every sectors.

Sure, this moment shall pass away just like a narrated dream like the pandemics in 1818, 1919 respectively.
And here in Nigeria, our experience during this pandemic will by no means be the same again.

The Government, Religious leaders, Economic Managers etc.

We have all become wiser. We’ve recognize that those we depend and place all our hope so much on are sincerely no longer considering us.

Many people aren’t show much concern about African state, many people don’t truly care about religious most especially the Islamic and Christianity negative influences to our land which has basically constitute nuisance and backwardness to our life of living.

How Foreign Civilization Destroyed Our Cultural Heritage


Many people have witnessed how callously the so called civilized religious are in African state,
it wasn’t the way it should be demonstrated by our preacher.
It has caused numerous plague to our land and with the collaboration of the Western Europeans we’ve been afflicted.
Many people were so disappointed in this modern mean of religious (living) because of the features they claimed it brings.

Many people has suggested the traditional means of living is far better than the modern means of living.

Can we balance this means of living and how can we balance this means of living?


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