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Heaven And Hell – What If We Were Told A Lie! (Must Read)

by Victor Lil Vick
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Heaven and Hell, what If We Were Told  A Lie!

Heaven And Hell – What If We Were Told A Lie!

Written By Paul Tosin ©


Heaven Or Hell – The Perfect Misinformation To Create Total world Domination, Mind Control, System Of Fear, Submission And Enslavement Of mankind

What would be the reactions or feedbacks from monotheistic religion believers, (Christians, Jews and Muslims) and even other classified religious entities, as regard this write up?

Different thoughts right?

Blasphemous writer you may say?

Or you think am expressing disrespect for God and his sacred creation?

Many of you would even call me different kind of names, condemn me while some would agreed with me.

Though the concept of heaven and a hell is an adequate moral cheek mate for human excessive behaviours

I believe the fear attached to hell as punishment and everlasting happiness attached to heaven after judgment is enough to make religious followers dance to the teaching or direction of their clerics.

Nobody want to go to hell fire if truly hell is real not even the religion that teaches the killing of Unbelievers to revenge for there God and the ones that’s full of violence (crusade) before they claimed to be religious of peace.

Heaven and Hell, what If We Were Told  A Lie!

If earnestly there is a heaven, the religious leaders and followers who often engaged in killing of innocent souls and shattered humanity for God or for themselves will not make it to heaven.

They knew there is no heaven and hell, it is just fiction, man made, system of mental slavery, Mind Control they put in place to master human creativity and directionness.

That’s the reason they dismantle the earth, Disunites it race, took treasures, hope, lives, freedom Invented imaginary solution, come back again, break us, and heal us like our saviour is back.

Religion taught believers about heaven and hell, the majority of this teaching is to be kind and show humanity so we can all go to heaven why the antonym leads us to hell.

But the originated trace of religion weren’t first base on teaching of humanity and peace but violence by forcing people to accept their religion through war (Jihad or Crusades).

Heaven and Hell
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Heaven And Hell, what If We Were Told A Lie!

It will be of great doubt and injustices if this manner justifies people who forced religion conversion through war and other violence means make heaven as a reward of good followerships while those who are forceful convert or those who refused conversion will get hell as their punishment.

Could the creator, the master of universe be delighted in this kind of manner, Do he order people waged jihad, force conversion, kill or discomfort human kind?
Or do you think they lied against him?

Both Christians and Muslims, Traditionalist inclusive had engaged more in violence whereas anyone that involve in violence and shattered of human kind lives will go to hell fire.

Heaven and Hell, what If We Were Told  A Lie! (Must Read)

Does this really guarantee anyhow who engaged in this inhumane activities going to heaven or hell?

If so be it where are those people who kill for religion going or heaven and hell is just of merely says for human limitation to certain life styles.

We do believe in this religious because we don’t find time to trace back its operating system and vividly confirm the kind of life that leads to heaven or hell.

At some point, few people eyes were opened they begin to question some messages, that worth questioning and unlearn what has been learned.

We see Pastors, Islamic scholars and some other religious clerics telling us different visions of how God reveals hell to them.

Notable revelation includes the vision of the late POP star, Michael Jackson who they claimed, they saw burning in hell fire.

The question is are there people burning in hell or heaven as of now. Or are they still in their place of dead waiting for the final days?

Do your think the Holy books contradict themselves?

I began to ask myself and the representatives of those religious host questions but they couldn’t give proper answer.

Thy kingdom come rights here on earth, your heaven and hell are right here on earth, they both begin here on earth.

Heaven and Hell
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When you begin to live the most wonderful life, the kind of life that subjected to humanity and nor inhumanness neither abject poverty, the life that embrace human kinds irrespective of their race, religious and complexion.

The life you live to the fullest of love and demonstrated its attributes which enable your neighbour and other races to live such life, that don’t oppress one another has definitely makes you feel like you’re in heaven.

Your kingdom and you wouldn’t pray to departed from that kind of life because it depicted peace and encompasses unconditional love and that is the life we all ought to live.

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I truly understand the concept of heaven and hell, we truly don’t want to go to hell and we are all chanting over heaven with this kind of manners we’re all oppressing one another, even the religion believers that much emphasize on this heaven and hell often contribute deep negative to this concept.

Religion that do often preaches to human kinds about heaven and hell are the main symbol of hell.

Religion has made earth unbearable for human beings, religion has torn many souls apart and it’s also claimed to be of peace but it never make peace reign on earth, religion has made earth for many lives as hell.


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