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How Africa Lost Its Own Glory – Her First Love

by Victor Lil Vick
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How Africa Lost Its Own Glory - Her First Love
Photo by Dee Willi on Pexels.com

How Africa Lost Its Own Glory – Her First Love

Written By Paul Tosin

If we could easily forget the atrocities caused by the colonists and catastrophe by their brothers the missionaries, it shouldn’t take us dime not even second thoughts to forget the mistakes of our ancestors only if we think they’re wrong and the cause of our problems.

Casting and binding your innocent ancestors who suffer experienced agony and perpetual anguish under this wicked westerners and Arabians.

Some of our ancestors were castrated, they raped our women, and they killed many of our brothers after their slavery endorsement.

The kind of evil they experience is more of the hell fire evil, because of the creator blessings in our land, because of the strong bond in Africa.

If you really know how our ancestors suffered for what they don’t know, you wouldn’t cry for that movie called Son of God.

Ain’t our ancestors sons of god? (And if you think they aren’t, automatically you shouldn’t claim to be another ancestor’s son of god because you’re not from that race, culturally, spiritually and historically but you should claim the god of your ancestors since we’re all their descendants).

How Africa Lost Its Own Glory - Her First Love
Photo by Breston Kenya on Pexels.com

The European westerners and Arabians which are the Serpent called Satan came to torment and afflict them by given them the forbidden fruits, denied their own god by hearkened and carried away with their special package of lies and their treacherous manner.

They laid down their lives for us to have peace, for us to fight back, for us to know our source and the true god of our land and for us to think deep about the real spirituality, for us not to fall in the same trap they fell, the least we could do is to Abuse and called them or sort of dirty names.

All what we could is to call them devil and forsake the path they left for us to follow while submitting their souls in exchange; we rejected our ancestors means of communication and worshipping their god to another race ancestors god.

O Africans where is thy first love?

You can never be prosper when you can’t forgive your source, your ancestors that knew much about your existence, how would your land know peace and progress when you keep blaming your source, casting and binding your ancestors spirit which is their god? Never, Progress is very far from the land.

You put the blames on them, you’ve forgotten how hard it is to keep you grow up till you became fruitful and very soon your great grand children will call you ancestors, how would you feel if your great grand children keep binding and casting your spirit without doing anything wrong to the point that common forgiveness is hard from you.

How would you receive forgiveness from your grand children who intended to call you their ancestors?

How Africa Lost Its Own Glory - Her First Love
Photo by Julia Volk on Pexels.com

Where is the first love, O’ Africans?

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The bond that join us together, the mother love that keep us as brothers and sisters, the Africans god that dwells in our means has be backed us because we’ve embrace strange gods amidst the land which has created hatred among us till this moment.

Not until we get ride over and forsake the strange religious bias and superiority Africa may find it hard to advance.

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