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Individual Differences – The Diversity Of The Human Nature

by Victor Lil Vick
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Individual Differences - The Diversity Of The Human Nature
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Individual Differences – The Diversity Of The Human Nature

Written by Paul Tosin

There’s one thing we need to understand about human nature in life which is ‘individualism’ , The individual differences

Individual differences are the more-or-less enduring psychological characteristics that distinguish one person from another and thus help to define each person’s individuality.

Among the most important kinds of individual differences are intelligence, personality traits, and values

It is very essential to understand this particular thing called differences because some individual’s nature was incorrigible and that is why adaptation comes in as an alternative.

We are quite oddity in nature no matter what and how, we should know that and such flibbertigibbet people shouldn’t be spooky to us.

No one can question why there are differences among human because we are not the most Supreme Being, he knew why we were so different and that lies in nature it’s often puzzle or mystery that can never be comprehended.

Individual Differences - The Diversity Of The Human Nature
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Individual Differences – The Diversity Of The Human Nature

There is one thing we can do to adjust and or regulate the differences among human in a particular society and this regulation lies in the hand of our leaders, those who control cities and states can regulate individualism by creating enabling environment for an individual individualisms for an adaptation.

If there is an enabling and conducive environment for individualism, ranging from the mild-minded individuals to individuals that are special gifted, there won’t be striving hard for achievement.

With the likes of politics and religion beliefs, individual choices and decisions has been influenced in one way or the other, most basically this two often contribute to an individual living.

Our differences must be considered before peace could reign.

Priority must be giving to Individual differences, consideration of humankind begot humanity and a wide pace setter should be given to an individual difference, lack of enable environment to an individual’s individualism pave way for adaptation process.

Individual Differences - The Diversity Of The Human Nature
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Our differences lies in nature and that nature is the universe which can’t be question but we need to understand the fact we are all human being and we are joined together by it and not by religion neither by politics or government.

Religious and politics failed the human race, they creates competitive environment, which encourages adapt to survive or die trying without considering individual differences ( strength or weakness)

Most reason I find it hard to put blame on human kinds just because they’re shallow in thinking basically as a result of their differences and why politics and religious should play a vital role to aid and regulate individual differences by creating enabling environment for the least mild-minded person to succeed without striving hard.

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Predicament that lies among human race is lack of coordinating passionless and enthusiasm, indifferences and apathetic which the clarion call for justice action by the head of states and the religious leaders, the chieftaincy and the community elders but heartily and wholly tragedy and apocalypse their villainy caused more catastrophe to disunite human kinds.

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