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Milk And Malt – 5 Healthy Benefits You Need To Know

by Victor Lil Vick
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Milk And Malt (maltina) - 5 Healthy Benefits You Need To Know
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Milk And Malt – 5 Healthy Benefits You Need To Know

Written By Ayomide Modupe

Do you desire to know how and why milk and Malt (maltina) are essential when your blood level is low or when you look pale…

Below are the facts and reason behind it.

1. One of the reasons why the mixture of milk and maltina gives instant blood is based on the result gotten from history.

I have noticed this even when I was still much younger than this that anybody that go to the hospital for blood donation or shortage of blood is to mix maltina and milk together for such person and the person get instant relief and the blood content begin to increase gradually.

2. Another reason why the mixture of malt and milk work well for blood is because of the high calcium content in the milk.

Milk contains calcium and the main function of calcium is strong bone and healthy teeth.

Thus more production of blood through the bone marrow since the bone marrow is where blood is produced and the calcium contents in milk help to secret more by promoting strong, healthy bone and teeth.

Milk And Maltina (malt) - 5 Healthy Benefits You Need To Know

3. Malt (The Malt drinks ( Maltina , Malta Guinness, Amstel Malt, Hi-Malt and Grand Malt) are multi vitamins enriched blended from different nutritious fruits and food sources.

It also contain some enzymes that helps in the secretion of blood in the bone marrow and it also helps in the circulation of blood from the heart to other part of the body.

So, milk and Malt is a cool mixture necessary to consider for instant blood recovery either as a man or woman, young or old.

4. Proteins ; protein foods are body building foods that also builds the body and also repair worn out tissues in the body.

But not only that, some protein foods like milk and maltina also enhance the secretion of blood from the body which helps to replenish lost blood instantly as quick as possible because the proteins are broken down amino acids which is easily used up by the body cells.

In Summary, these are the four reasons why the mixture of malt and milk gives blood and you shouldn’t be scared of it.

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Both malt and milk contains proteins that build the body, calcium also helps in the synthesis of blood, malt and milk contain iron which is the basis of blood and based on history that its being working for years and still works till now.

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