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Naija Sex Stories – Rosa

by Victor Lil Vick
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Naija Sex Stories - Rosa
Photo by Jasmine Carter on Pexels.com

Naija Sex Stories – Rosa

I sat down on one of the sofas in my scantily furnished sitting room, alone.

My thoughts racing, my heart pounding inside my chest as though it wanted to finally break free.

It did want to break free in the circumstances.

After these 4 months, I’ll finally get to see her again.

I didn’t even completely know how I felt.

On one side, I felt ecstatic.

On the other, I felt nervous and restive.

I just couldn’t wait for her to just walk through the door.

I just couldn’t wait to hug her tightly and feel her body warm against mine.

I just couldn’t wait to kiss her and love the after taste.

4 months isn’t a long time-relatively, but considering the circumstances here it sure is.

4 months ago, the government declared a curfew. Mostly because of a very contagious deadly disease.

Everyone was forced to stay at home, locked up within the confines of their own mind. For some, this was a time of reflection and self discovery.

For others, it was worse than hell.

But for me, it was both. For one, I hated staying at a quiet place for so long, even though I love tranquility sometimes.

Two, I did reflect on many things-my mistakes most especially.

Unpleasant memories of my mistakes kept coming back, each time with a stronger intensity.

Three and most importantly, I found it difficult to stay, without setting eyes on the love of my life, the one who picks me up when I go down, the one that turns me back around when I go the wrong way, my knight in shining armour, the one who satisfies my romantic and sexual desires, my best friend in the world!

How can I live without Rosa?, was the question I asked myself when the government declared the curfew.

My mind was always disturbed and perplexed.

Even though we spoke on the phone for hours, it was still not enough.

Even though we face timed each other for about an hour a day, it was still not close to sufficient.

Without these, I guess I might have died, because I can’t imagine a day go by without hearing that sweet, sparkling,angelic voice of hers.

My mind may be filled with gloomy thoughts.

My face may be filled with morose emotions.

But all these vanish at the sight of her face through my phone.

Even then, she recognizes I’m down and her sweet voice asks the question, “babe, what’s wrong?”.

Moments like this, I feel hot tears drop down my cheeks.

I don’t know why that happens.

Probably because her voice softens my heart or because I miss her so much.

I cursed both the government and the virus for pulling us apart.

Earnestly,I prayed for this dreadful curfew to come to an abrupt end.

Finally,the good news unfolded after 4 months of wait.

The government finally lifted the curfew.

And as you’ve guess, I felt overjoyed. Almost immediately, I got a text from Rosa that she’ll be coming to my home by noon the next day.

And that was my situation that day as I sat on the sofa in my living room.

My eyes were always on the clock as I waited for noon to finally come.

I had already prepared the bedroom, spraying it with her favourite perfume and covering the bed with her favourite blanket to make it softer and bouncier.

Now all that was left was for Mi Amor to finally walk through the door.

I knew that, that would happen soon as my eyes have always been on the clock.

At this moment, it was already 15 minutes to noon.

My heart pounded even more harder and my body got even more restive.

I couldn’t sit down any more.

I started pacing round the medium sized living room, trying to be cool and calm.

Momentarily, My eyes went off the clock.

I was only concerned with ways to calm myself down.

In my mind, I knew Rosa would soon be here and I had to be as calm as possible so as not to squash her in the name of a tight hug.

A very, tight hug.

The door bell soon rang. For sometime, I was still.

15 minutes had disappeared so soon?

I looked at the clock to confirm and it was scarcely 5 minutes past noon.

Quickly, I dashed into the bedroom to check that everything was in order.

That was quite foolish of me because I was the only human being at home and I knew I organised everything.

But in frenzy, I still had to make sure.

I ran back to the living room with the same speed I used to go to the bedroom.

I heard the doorbell ring again and I opened the door almost immediately.

And there she was.

Rosa- the love of my life.

The one whom I’ve earnestly wanted to meet these past months.

She wore a blue gown, one that fitted her very much.

Displaying her body curves and cleavage.

The gown was only as long as half her thighs and I could see the smooth, inviting flesh that lay bare for my eyes to see.

Her hair was long, up to her waist- exactly the way I loved it to be.

She didn’t wear make up on her face except for the gloss that covered her lips, deepening their natural red colour.

Her eyes….. Oh her eyes were bright! Bright and filled with fire.

Fire that burnt with desire-her desire for me.

The feminine smell of her perfume aroused my sexual senses. Her beautiful, soft face was covered with brown powder.

We didn’t say any words to each other.

All we did was speak with our eyes. We stood in front of each other, staring at each others eyes, speaking in the language of Sight.

Until I could take it no more.

I rushed to her, hugging tightly against her body, which felt warm.

Her hands, caressing my back.

My own hands, round her waist.
Then she pulled away from me.

I was quite surprised.

But before I could think of the reasons why she did this, I already felt her lips against mine, with her tongue trying to make its way through the defences of my teeth.

Of course the defence conceded to the strong desire that drove her tongue.

She curled her hands round my head, pushing them towards her with all the strength she had.

The door which lay behind us, closed by itself- with the help of the summer breezes.

It probably sensed what was about to happen.

I lifted Rosa up and gently put her down on one of the sofas still kissing her.

My hands were now pressed against her breasts. She didn’t wear a bra.

I used one of my hands to locate her nipple while I used the other to pull her gown upwards in order to feel an already wet clitoris.

I squeezed her nipple and I heard her moan.

In reflex, her own hands went down too.

Down to an already strong penis.

She pulled away my belt and took my trousers down to my knees, while I sat upright and took off my shirt and the trousers completely, and very quickly and resumed what I was doing.

I pulled her gown even more upwards, that she finally turned around, unzipped it and threw it on the living room floor.

I inserted one finger into her wet clit, with my tongue already on her breasts.

Naija Sex Stories – Rosa

Her hands pulled me tightly towards them.

When I didn’t get the response I was hoping for, I inserted three of my fingers and this time, she shuddered.

I thrust them in and out of her wet clit thrice and then pulled them out permanently. She took them and put them back there and whispered to me, “Babe, I want to feel you inside me.

Please! We can leave the foreplay for later.

It’s been long b”.

This sweet voice, coupled with the words it carried, made me want her even more. “OK babe”, I said. And then put my lips against hers, tasting that fruity lip gloss again and loving the after taste.

Then, I knelt against the sofa, taking up her two legs, to expose her clit completely and then put my dick inside and began to thrust.

I banged her as fast and as strong as I could in that position, for about 5 minutes. She moaned loudly as I thrust.

And showered sweet words with her very angelic voice.

Oh! I felt as though I was in heaven with the love of my life.

I can’t explain the pleasure.

I can’t explain the sweetness of fucking this beautiful lady.

I took off my dick and felt the urge to lick her clitoris and this I did.

I pulled apart all the folding of brown flesh, until I got to bare skin.

The same kind of skin that lined her lips.

Then I started licking away.

She shuddered again as she felt my tongue there and moaned even louder than she did while I was fucking her.

Soon, streams of warm fluid started flowing out.

It kept flowing until it’s intensity increased and then it splashed all over my face.

Next, I brought her down on the ground, turned her behind and started pounding away.

She moaned louder and louder and louder. Good thing the walls of my home are thick and the next house is about 100m away.

So, there was no way her voice could be heard.

One of my hands were on her breasts, squeezing her nipples as tightly as I could, the other one was constantly spanking her ass, and she let off a characteristic louder moan each time I did this.

I suddenly removed my dick.

I don’t know why I did this though. Maybe to see her reaction when I did so, how swift or slow it’d be.

I did see her reaction.

It was in fact swifter than I expected it to be.

She pulled my dick with her hands back into her pussy and this time, pushed back and forth on it.

I was now left to enjoy the pleasures that came as a result of her horny nature.

I soon cum and I pulled out my dick as soon as I sensed it.

It sprayed milky liquid, some on Rosa’s ass, some on the floor.

She turned to my dick and started sucking.

Oh God! Her hot tongue felt electric. I just knelt helplessly on the floor.

Now, I was under her mercy.

“Let’s go to the bedroom”, she said as she dragged me on my singlet and led me to the bedroom.

She made sure she was shaking her ads properly and one of her hands were on her breasts.

She turned back and gave me a teasing look. Oh my God!

I felt my dick grow hard again and without even knowing it, I held her ass, turned her around and started kissing her passionately.

By now, we were just at the entrance of the bedroom.

I opened the door, suddenly stopped kissing her and jumped on the bed.

Lying with my head facing upwards and my dick too.

Violently waiting for another enjoyable round of sex.

Rosa walked stylishly to the bed, her finger in her mouth, flashing sexy looks at me.

I felt like, deep throating her and ducking her mouth with all my strength.

She soon came though, and started sucking my dick gently while I just looked on and squeezed her breasts with my hands.

She sucked and sucked, while my dick kept on releasing semen from time to time which she licked up efficiently.

I soon got tired of what I was doing and I decided it was time we did some 69.

I dragged her by the waist, to my mouth and started sucking her clitoris with hunger.

She stopped sucking my dick because the pleasure she was getting was too much, she sure thought she was in heaven.

Again, she squirted on my face and I licked up some of the fluids.

Then, she pulled away and started riding my dick with her back facing me.

She was literally twerking on my dick. But I didn’t like that position, even though I enjoyed it.

I wanted to see the look on her face as we had sex.

That was when I turned her to the cowgirl position.

Her breasts were on my face as she rode my dick with enthusiasm.

Naija Sex Stories - Rosa
Photo by Ákos Szabó on Pexels.com

Naija Sex Stories – Rosa

I spanked her once or twice and she gave the characteristic moan again. “Ah, ah, it’s coming baby.

I am gonna cum…ah ah….I’m gonna cu….m”, she said as she rode me to the world of fantastic pleasure.

I, too, feeling that my own climax was near too,suddenly pushed her aside and started fucking her from behind again with all the strength I could muster.

She moaned louder and louder and louder and louder. Soon I felt myself about to release.

I fucked even harder and she moaned louder.

Till I felt foamy fluid grease my dick, then I knew her time had almost come.

I fucked harder until I finally cum
Rosa lay on the bed rubbing her clit till the fluid finished flowing.

I lay on the bed exhausted, satisfied, pleasured, happy.

I took Rosa into my arms and kissed her again. “That was great baby.

I missed you so much”, she said as we hugged together with our naked bodies. “I missed you too baby.

My brightest star”, I said clutching her closer and kissing her forehead.

She held me tightly, then suddenly let lose.

A puzzled expression on her face. “If I’m your brightest star”, she started. “It means you have other stars”, she said feigning a tearful and sad face.

I burst out laughing and she soon joined.

We stared at each others eyes again.

For quite long though.

I was happy to finally have her back with me.

All this time we were apart made us realize how we needed each other.

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