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Naija Sex Stories – The Unfaithful Chapter 2

by Victor Lil Vick
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Naija Sex Stories - The Unfaithful Chapter 2
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Naija Sex Stories – The Unfaithful Chapter 2

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Naija sex Stories The Unfaithful

I hate him, but my body wants him

Written By Rachel Fadipe and Ayomiposi Diaries

Genre: Romance, betrayal.

Anita pov

“So your perfect boyfriend cheated on you?” Luke asked almost like he was mocking me.

“Yes, are you deaf or something?” I asked.

“Am sorry” he said raising his hands.

“Whatever” I said still pissed.

“Is that the reason you are like this?” He asked.

“You are also cheating on him remember?” he said.

“But at least I don’t like the guy am cheating on him with” I said while he frowned.

“That hurts” he said but I cared less.

“Why do you think he likes her?” He asked.

“Because James came home hurt, he was drunk and the only name in his mouth was Jas, he kept saying he is sorry and he missed her” I shouted infuriated.

“So why are you going to do now?” Luke asked.

“What else, am going to kill her” I said with a wicked smile.

“Kill someone, are you insane or what?

Naija Sex Stories – The Unfaithful Chapter 2

All because of a guy” he said.

“Yes, I can’t lose James, never” I said.

“But going to that extent it is insane, I’ll just pretend like I didn’t hear this” he said about to leave.

“I need you Luke, please help me” I said.

“I can’t, I will do anything for you but not killing” he said.

“I have no choice, am sure you don’t want me to go tell your parent that you have been cheating and disobeying them, or tell your girlfriend that we have something together, your dad will be so pissed and disappointed.

It matters a lot to him, and your mom will be the one to face the consequences, he is going to beat her to stupor, not to talk of the fact that you will lose your father’s support and all his wealth.” I said and smirked.

“Anita!” he said angry.

“So what are you doing to do love?” I asked.

“Ok, I will do whatever you want” he said and clenched his fist.

“Great, I want you to find me some guys to take care of her” I said.

Jas, you messed with the wrong person.

Jasmine pov

“Here is the file you requested for” I said to James.

“Put it down” he said coldly not looking at me but his gaze fixed on his computer.

“Ok, have a nice day then” I said and left his office.

He has been acting cold to me, ignoring me and it really hurts me even when I try to understand, I just can’t.

I looked at my time, I picked my bag and my jacket and left my office.

I got to the parking lot.

“Hi” I heard a familiar voice say.

I looked behind me and it was the guy from the other time.

“What are you doing here?” I asked unfriendly.

“I guess this is how to act to people” he said.

“It depends, for people like you who comes to my office for no good reasons. How do you expect me to act?” I asked.

“I came here because I want to give you back your purse” he said and showed me the purse.

“Oh my god, I have been looking for it” I said.

“Yea, but here you are accusing me of stalking you” he said.

“Am sorry, I have just not been in a good mood lately” I said.

“Why?” He asked.

“It is personal” I said.

“I still want to hear it and get to know you better, how about you tell me over a drink” he said.

“Ok,” I said and smiled.

“Let’s go” he said and opened his car.

Michael pov

I looked at jasmine as I took her to my house.

Her beautiful body, I am sure am not going to regret doing this.

She thinks I found her purse but I stole it.

And when I saved her the other day, it was all planned.

‘Now it is time to enjoy myself’ I thought as I lick my lips.

Jasmine pov

“Here take” he said and hands me a cup of wine.

“Thanks” I said and collect it

“Am sorry for being harsh at you.”

“It is ok, so what is the reason you are like this?” He asked.

“It is better not to talk about it” I said and sighed.

I just want to be free from James.

“Let’s forget it” he said and drink from his wine.

I also took mine, I have been waiting for him to drink his, just don’t completely trust him.

“So tell me about yourself” he said while I suddenly started feeling dizzy.

“Uhn,” I said feeling stiff.

I couldn’t see his face probably.

“What….” I stuttered and blacked out.

Oh my god, what happened to Jas?

Who is Michael working for?

What are they planning to do with Jas?

James pov

I packed my things as soon as Jas left my office, ready to go home and head for the parking lot, I was about to open my car, when I saw Jas enter a man’s car, are they dating?

was my first thought.

The man drove out of the parking lot.

It is none of my business, I entered my car and started the engine, I found myself following them.

Don’t blame, you will do the same if you were in my shoes.

They went into his house and I stopped at a distance making sure they didn’t know I followed them.

I stayed there for some minutes.

How could she follow a guy to his house?

But why is she not out yet?

I saw the guy closing his window, why?

Is it what am thinking?

I quickly got down from my car and approached his door.

I knocked on his door and he opened it.

I used the door to push him away and entered the house, searching for Jas.

“What the hell man” he said but I don’t care.

“What are you doing? You are trespassing on another man’s property” he said, ‘like I don’t know that.’

I saw a door slightly opened, I wanted to go inside but he stopped me.

“Leave before I call the police” he threatened.

I looked at him and punched him real hard on his jaw and he fell to the floor holding his jaw and writhing in pain.

I entered the door and saw my Jas naked and unconscious, she was tied up to the bed and I also saw some camera’s.

What was he planning to do?

Rape her then make her pictures public. I picked my phone and called the police informing them of everything that has happened thus far.

I picked the blanket and used it to cover Jas body.

I went to him who was still on the floor and started punching him, furious as I was.

The purpose of the police was not to arrest him but to come before I kill this bastard.

How dare he try to rape her, this monster.

“Freeze!!” the police said as they entered.

They pulled me away from him, I looked at him who was seriously bleeding but that was enough for me.

Am not satisfied, I wish to kill him.

“Mr Michael miller, you are under arrest” the police said.

“What? but that bastard is the one that trespassed and he also punched me.”

“Am the victim here” he said which made me more angry.

“How do you explain that?” The police asked referring to Jas who was covered with blanket, and the cameras.

“Well, me and my girlfriend were just having fun” he defends himself while I chuckled.

“Fun, you were having fun then why is she unconscious” the police officer said.

This bastard is good when it comes to lies.

“You are under arrest for assault” the police officer said and handcuffed him.

I went to Jas and carried her with the blanket.

“Mr James, we might need you” the police said trying to stop me.

I gave him my card, “call me when you do” I said and put Jas inside my car.

I also went round and entered my car.

This is all my fault, I let her down and broke her.

Am a fucking idiot, now am trapped between two ladies.

Not sure who I really love and who to choose.

Am addicted to one, I don’t want to hurt one.

My life is a mess.

Anita pov

“So how are things going with those guys” I asked Luke.

“Yes, am meeting with them soon” he said.Shared by Nath Influence on whatsap
“Let’s meet them today, I don’t want us to waste time.”

“I have to take care of Jas soon” I said impatiently.

“Calm down, I will take care of it soon” he said.

“Am trusting you” I said.

Few days later

Jasmine pov

“Miss Peters, you are welcome” Officer Tom said and offered me a seat.

“Thank you” I said and sit.

“Why am I here?” I asked.

“Just as you were informed we arrested the guy that tried to assault you thanks to Mr James” he said.

Speaking of James, I have not seen him since the day he saved me I was only informed that he saved me.

It is like he is avoiding me.

“From our investigations on him, we found out that he is a serial rapist.

Your case wasn’t his first and unfortunately he’s succeeded at others but not yours again thanks to Mr James” he said.

“During the investigations we got to know that someone asked him to do it” he said.

“Someone ordered him to rape you and make it viral” he said which shocked me.

“Who could done such terrible act?” I asked.

“We found out that you also know the person” he continued which confused me.

“Me, how?”

“Yes, very close to you from what I heard.”

“The name goes by……….



To all of you who thought it was Anita you were wrong and kudos to those who got right.

But seems like Anita is planning something bigger

Jasmine pov

“You mean Vivian asked him to do such to me?” I asked surprised, confused and angry.

“Yes, it seems like she holds some grudges against you” he said.

“But I have done her no bad” I said.

“Would you like to meet her?” He asked.

“Sure” I said while he took me to where she was.

“Vivian” I called when I saw her.

She looked at me with no feeling of guilt.

“Are you here to mock me or what?”

“You must be happy now that you’ve seen me here” she chuckled.

“But you shouldn’t be too happy, during my arrest I made sure to leak your relationship with James before getting arrested, you will be constantly mocked at the office” she said.

“Don’t you feel guilty? I did nothing to you to deserve this”

“Guilty? the only thing I feel guilty for is not accomplishing my mission.

You took my man from me!” she yelled.

“Your man? James was never yours neither mine. He doesn’t even like you, you are crazy Viv, you are obsessed with something that will never been yours and was never yours, and you end up here all because of your greed” I said.

“You are so pathetic Vivian, you want something you can’t have and that lead you here” I said and left her.

Greed, Vivian’s greed for James lead her here. Where will mine lead me?

Vivian pov

I don’t regret what I did, my only regret was that I didn’t accomplished my goal.

The fact that I lost to her, and I didn’t make James mine.

And the fact that am struck here, but I don’t regret doing it at all.

At least, everyone knows about their relationship.

I made sure to tell Bridgette, a gossiper in our office about their relationship.

Now everyone will know about them and they will have no choice but to leave the company and go their separate ways.

If I can’t have James then Jas too can’t have him.

An eye for an eye, that is how the world works.

“Am not the loser neither am I the winner” I said and laughed wickedly.

This is the end of you Jas.

James pov

“What are you going to do now?

The whole planning and strategic department knows about your scandal with Jas, and also there is no doubt that everyone in other departments knows too” the executive director said.

“How can you be so careless, you should have kept such affairs a secret” Mr Daniel said unpleased.

“Am sorry sir” I said.

“Just find a solution yourself” he said and I left his office.

I could hear people murmuring about Jas and I.

Looking at me like I killed someone, am just worried about Jas.

How will she cope with all these.

“James!!!” I heard my name being called.

I already know who it was.

I turned to her, trying to put on a cold face, not sure if I was doing well.

“Can we talk?” Jas asked.

“No, am busy” I said.

“Please, just for a sec.

People are watching” she said and I looked around and saw people looking at us.

“Let’s go to my office” I said and she followed me.

“What do you want?” I asked her.

“Are you alright with everything that is going on?” She asked.

“I don’t need your worries, if that is all, can you leave?” I asked coldly while she looked at me with a sad face.

I am hurting her but I have no choice.

“Why are you doing this to me?

Why are you acting cold to me?

Can’t you see how hurt I am?

I get we are just sex partners, but is that the only thing it is to you, just sex partners, no strings attached, no feelings underneath?” She asked.

“Jas, what exactly do you think you are to me” I said.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“To me, you are just a cheap girl who is always there whenever I need someone to screw, I can’t like someone like you, you are just too cheap for me.

Can’t you see?” I said and I received a slap.

She was already crying, I think I went too far.

“You are right, I totally forgot that. You are such a jerk, I wish you a good life with your girlfriend.

I regret meeting you, all you brought into my life was just pain, doubt, confusion but…. but.

Go to hell James” she said and left my office.

Am also hurt, you don’t know I feel.

I just want to believe that this is what is best for us even when I know I will regret it.

I just want to believe letting you go, is the right choice for all of us, it also hurts me a lot.

Because I know my addiction for you has turned to something else.

Jasmine pov

How could he say such hateful words to me?

How could he hurt me and use me like I was nothing.

I want revenge, but my heart and body wants something else.

I want to hurt him back but my heart tells me no, and my body eager for his touch.

Now my heart and my body has become my enemy.

I stood in front of my car facing it and crying.

Suddenly I felt someone behind me, he covered my mouth before I could shout.

“Don’t you dare do any rubbish” he said with a thick voice.

Thinking he was the only one there, I used my elbow to hit him hard in his stomach and he released me.

I started running, but stopped abruptly as I felt a blunt force hit me on the head.

I fell as blood came out of my head, it all hurts, I can’t move.

Right now, before I die.

I just want to tell this person what he really means to me.

I just want to tell James that I love him.

That is my dying wish.

To see him and tell him I can’t stop thinking about him, I missed his touch, everything, and I love him.

“I love you James”


Oh my god, seems like Anita succeeded in her plans.

Poor Jas.

Life can be so unfair

What will happen to jasmine now, I hope she doesn’t die.

“So what should we do with her?” A man asked with steel rod in his hand looking at Jas body.

“I told you not to hit her” a big, tall man with a thick voice said.

“But that is what madam Anita requested” the other man said.

“We have to take her out of this place before someone sees us.”

“I will dump her in a forest so you guys should leave” the tall man said to the two guys with him.

“Ok” they said and carried jasmine to his car and watch him drive off.

The big man got to his destination.

He packed in front of a mansion, he carried Jas who was still breathing into the mansion.

He took her to a room, there is doctor and nurse present seems like they were already informed of the situation.

He placed Jas on the bed, as the doctor and the nurse stopped Jas bleeding and treat her head injury.

“The wound wasn’t that serious to kill her” the doctor said after treating her.

“That is a relief,” a man said as he entered the room.

“Sir!” they all greeted at the man that entered, even the huge man.

“Thank you all, did you make sure your boys believed she’s dead?” He asked.

“Yes, Mr Luke” the huge man said.

“Thank you” Luke said.

Luke pov

I looked at the young lady Jasmine placed on the bed, she looked pitiful.

Am sure she didn’t know there’s someone trying to kill her.

Anita, I never knew I loved a monster.

But I didn’t do this because I hate her or pity her. I did it because I don’t want her to be a murderer.

It is only fair, she cheated on her boyfriend and he also did.

Then why did this lady had to take the blame, if it were up to me I think the one who deserves to be punished is James. If he truly loves her then he won’t have cheated on her.

But I can’t keep this lady here forever, if she truly wants to live.

She will have to leave, because that is the only way Anita will let her go, if she knows miss Jasmine is alive then she will try every possible means to kill her.

She has to leave, or she dies.

Jasmine winced and I looked at her.

She opened her eyes, “where am I?” She asked weakly.

“You are in safe hands” I assured her.

Anita pov

“Are you telling me that you didn’t witness how your boss buried her?” I asked furious.

“Yes, he said he’ll take care of her” one of the men I hired to kill Jas said on the phone

“How could you be so dumb, what if he did nothing and lied to you” I shouted

“He can’t do that,” he said.

“Yes, he could I want to see her dead body” I shout.

“Whose dead body?” James asked behind me while my phone dropped in shock.

“Whose dead body are you talking about?” He asked.

“Did you kill someone?”

Seems like Jas is safe for now thanks to Luke. But he said she has to leave, what will happen now?

What will happen between James and Anita?

Jasmine pov

“Someone is trying to kill me?” I asked Luke the guy who claimed to have saved me.

“Yes, your life is in danger” he replied.

“Who is trying to kill me?” I asked but he gave me no response.

“Am sorry but I can’t tell you the name” he said and I looked at him suspicious.

He is hiding something.

“If you want to keep yourself safe then you have to leave” he said.

“But I have a job here, my whole life is here, I can’t leave” I protest.

“Believe me, if you don’t leave then you will die” he said which got me scared me.

I definitely don’t want to die, but I also don’t want to leave.

My job is here, my whole life and the man I love.

Now I have to choose, my life or my job and the man I love.

And my answer is obviously clear, James doesn’t love me after all.

But, can I really bare the pain?

“Are you sure I will be safe if I leave?” I asked.

“Of course, I will make the preparation for you to leave” he said.

“Wait, I want to see someone before I leave” I said.

“Who?” He asked.

James pov

“Yes, he could, I want to see her dead body” Anita shout.

“Whose dead body?” I asked.

“Whose dead body are you talking about?” I questioned Anita.

“Did you kill someone?”

“What do you mean?” She said.

“I was just talking to a friend of mine” she said pretending.

“A friend of yours? And you asked about her dead body?” I said eyeing her.

“Well, she said her sister died and I said I won’t believe her till I see her dead body” she said and sat down.

Her hands were shaking, she is hiding something.

“Ok,” I said and went in.

Did Anita killed someone, what is she hiding? Whose dead body is she talking about?

It can’t be, Anita is not a killer but to be sincere Anita has been acting suspicious lately.

My phone rings.


“Am I talking to James?”


“I have something to tell you, it is about your girlfriend” the caller said.

“My girlfriend?”

“Yes” the caller said.

Anita pov

I exhaled deeply, thankfully he didn’t know.

I picked my phone which screen had been broken and I threw it at the wall infuriated.

What if Jas is still not dead?

I need her dead, that crazy bitch sleep with my boyfriend and now he falling for her.

That girl must die, James is mine only.

I love him and I can’t share him with any woman.

“Anita” James called coming out from the room.

His eyes filled with anger and rage.

“How could you?” He asked, his eyes filled with tears already, he looked hurt.

“What?” I asked.

“How could you fucking cheat on me” he roared.

Oh my god, how did he found out?

James pov

“My girlfriend is cheating on me?” I asked surprised.

“Yes” the caller said.

“It can’t be true, Anita will never cheat on me” I chuckled not believing his word.

“You know it’s true, you suspect her.

You can’t deny it” he said.

He is right, I know something was off about Anita but she can’t cheat on me.

“I don’t believe you, you might be trying to break my relationship with her, I don’t even know you”

“Yes, you do. This is Luke speaking and I and Anita have been having an affair before she met you” he said and my phone dropped.

“Anita is cheating on me” I thought as tear rolled down my face freely.

“She is cheating on me”

I head to where she was, with rage and anger, she betrayed me, she betrayed my trust.

“How could you?!” I asked filled with rage but also hurt.

“What?” She asked.

“How could you fucking cheat on me” I roared.

“James” she called.

“How could you? I trusted you, I believed I had a perfect girlfriend while I was the jerk, the unfaithful one, but you were cheating on me?

Even when I missed her I still resisted my feelings for her because I trusted you Anita, but you played me” I said and laughed like a maniac.

“You are quite smart, aren’t you?”

“You cheated on me for good two years, yet I didn’t know it, you are so smart and I was stupid not to see it.”

“I really tried not to hurt you but you have been hurting me for so long, am sorry but this relationship can’t continue.

It’s not like am still in love with you, I just didn’t want to hurt you”

“James pls don’t do this, I can explain myself” she pleaded.

“If you had told me, I would have forgiven you, but now you’ve given me the chance to be with the one I really love.

Am sorry” I said and left the house.

“James!” she called but I didn’t listen to her.

She betrayed my trust, my love but the fact that she cheated on me isn’t what really hurts.

I cheated on her but the fact she has been playing, exploiting and lying to me is why I can’t be with her anymore.

I gave up what I want for her, but…

This is end of me and her, the end of our relationship.

Anita pov

How did James find out?

Is he going to break up with me? Just like that, I forgave him why can’t he forgive me?

He can’t go back to that bitch, yes since she isn’t alive then I have no problem.

Yes, I just have to confirm her death.

“How did James find out?” I said shaking.

Don’t tell me, Luke?

He is the only one who could tell James, he is the only one who knows that am dating James.

Did that bastard tell on me.

That crazy bastard, he told on me.

Now, he is going to regret it.

Today is going to be his last day on earth, I took a knife from my kitchen.

Will some gloves in my hand, he messed with the wrong person.

Now am going to deal with him.

Luke pov

I guess I made the right choice, telling James everything.

He deserves to know, the kind of person she is.

Jas has gone to her house, she went to pack her things and resign.

She is leaving as soon as she resigns from work, I’m going to use that chance to see James, but I doubt James is going to come to his office.

I came back to my apartment next to James house, where both I and Anita have had many a sinful moment.

Where she cheated on James.

I saw him leave the house, he seems hurt, sad and so depressed.

Who won’t be? He must be really sad.

I heard my door open, revealing Anita.

She gave me a creepy smile which scared me.

“What do you want?” I asked still seated

“What do you mean?” She approached me and sat on my laps.

“Dear Luke” she said and kissed me.

“I will miss you” she said and brings out a knife and without a warning she stabbed me in the neck.

Anita pov

“Oh my god” I said after standing up from his laps.

What did I just do?

I looked at Luke who was already on the floor bleeding, trying to remove the knife but gave up the ghost.

What did I do?

Out of anger, I killed a man.

This is all because of Jas, that bitch.

She took James from me and made me kill Luke.

I just found out after calling one of my boys that she was spotted at her house.

That means the bitch is alive, she is the reason why Luke is like this.

I will make sure to avenge you Luke, no matter what, I will make sure to avenge you even if I die trying.

Jas, your days are numbered.

James pov

Today is really one shitty day, I knocked on her door.

I don’t expect her to forgive me after hurting her, I just want her, I want to be in her arms and cuddle her, that is all I want.

I tried drinking but it just didn’t work.

I knocked on the door again, this time she opened up.

“James,” she said. I missed her voice, everything, I was so damn stupid not to choose her.


“What is wrong?” She asked with true concern.

“I missed you” I said and pulled her into a sudden hug.

“You smell of alcohol, what happened?” She asked trying to pull away but I held her tight.

“Let’s just stay like this for some time, I miss you” I sniffed inhaling her smell.

“But am worried, I need to know what happened to you” she said worried.

I pulled away, “I got punished for rejecting you. Am sure when you hear it, you’ll laugh at me” I said.

“Try me”

“Let’s go in” I said and we entered.

“What?” She asked after I explained everything to her.

“You mean your girlfriend cheated on you?” She asked but all I could do was stare on her lips.

I just want to devour that lips I have missed for a long time.

“I guess you reap what you sow” I said.

“You must be really sad, I can’t imagine how hurt you are”

I realize her head was bandaged.

“What happened to you?”

“Nothing much” she said but I know she was lying.

Maybe I should just drop the matter since she doesn’t want to talk about it.

“Let me get you some water” she stood up but I pulled her back, making her sit on my laps.

“Don’t go anywhere, I just want you here with me”


“Am sorry for everything Jas, I was really stupid”

“James” I move my head closer to her and kissed her and she responded back to the kiss.

I move my hand to her thighs, caressing it slowly.

She moaned in my mouth, which is turning me on.

My other hands want inside her clothes, fondling her breast which was still inside her blue top when all of sudden she pulled away

“What happened?” I asked.

“Am sorry James, but we can’t continue” she said.

Jasmine pov

“What do you mean by we can’t continue?” James asked.

“I get the fact that I have wronged you but that is why am here to make things right” he said with sincerity but it is too late.

“James, it is not like that”

“Then why?” He stood up.

“Why can’t we continue, we know we want each other.”

“Why are you resisting me?”

I know he is sincere but it is just too late for us, for everything.

“I have to, James”

“Why?” He asked confused.

“Am leaving James” I said as my tears dropped down on my top.

I looked at him, he seems surprised and shocked.


“Am leaving” I said as tears flowed freely from my eyes.

“Ok, when are you coming back. I can wait for you”

“James stop, am not coming back”

“Never!” I said and he looked at me hurt, his eyes showed he was against the idea but I cared less.

Am leaving and am not coming back.

My life matters, I won’t come back.

I can’t.

Anita pov

I went to my friend’s house after leaving Luke’s house, I have to stay low now because of his death.

It’s all Jas fault, because of her Luke died.

I lost Luke because of her, she killed him.

She is the monster, a monster I must eradicate.

She is the devil.

I sipped my wine as I ponder on my evil plans for her.

I just got a call that James was spotted at that bitch’s place.

That crazy bitch is still with my man, she made me kill Luke, now she wants James.

I won’t allow her, she is the bad one here, but I will still get the blame for doing the right thing, then it is better to die together, I and her.

I smiled thinking about that glorious day that I will execute my plans.

Lord knows that am the right one here, the devil is Jas.

My hatred for her, kept growing day by day

She took everything away from me, and I will do the same, no I will show her no mercy by killing her on the spot.

Tomorrow is your deadline Jas, tomorrow is your final day on earth.

“Hmmmmmmmm” I murmured.

Tomorrow is the day Jas dies.

This one weak me oo, madness is surely following her but, she said tomorrow what the hell is she planning?

James pov

“Why are you leaving?”

“I have to, it is personal”

“Can you not leave, I get the fact that I rejected you, I wronged you, but if leaving is one of the way you want to make me suffer then please just stop. I have suffered enough” I pleaded.

“Am sorry but I have to leave, if I don’t then I…. I just have to leave this is not about you but me. Am sorry”

“Oh,” I said trying to hold my tears back like a real man.

She seems to have made up her mind, there is no going back.

“I get it, it is ok”

“Guess this is the last time, we’ll see each other?” I asked.

“Am going to resign tomorrow, we’ll see if you come to work tomorrow” she said as tear rolled down her face, tears also threatened to fall but I held in.

“Ok Jas, I will say my goodbyes tomorrow then” I said.

“Sure” she said.

“Ok, I’ll get going you don’t have to see me out” I said and walked to the door, opened it and left her house.

She is leaving, I get they were right.

I made a wrong decision and am regretting it, I let her go, I pushed her away myself now am regretting it and it all hurts.

I was so addicted to her and I didn’t see how it affects me.

How badly I want her, not only because of her body but because my heart beats for her, I guess that is why it hurts.

Everything hurts, I pushed her and now she is leaving, I can’t do anything to stop her.

I was such a fool not to see how much pain it will bring me, I hurt her without noticing I was hurting myself now am not only addicted to her but my heart…….

She is not my sex partner, my heart beats for her also.

Jasmine pov

I collapsed on my chair as he left, can I do this?

Can I leave him?

“Can I handle the pain, it hurts a lot” I said rubbing my chest.

It all hurts, but I have to.

I have to leave, there are people trying to kill me if I stay I might put him in danger and that I can’t handle.

Leaving is l probably the only right thing to do, yes I have to leave and not come back.

I stood up and went to my room, packed my stuffs and looked at my passport, after reading through my resignation letter I packed up my stuffs.

Am going to leave, once and for all.

Leaving is the best for us all, am going to leave and never come.

I will forget everything as soon as I leave, I will forget about you and everything once and for all.

Am sorry James.

The next day

I got to work and head to my boss office with my resignation letter.

I knocked on his door and entered when he instructed.

“Jasmine, what are you doing here?” He asked in an unpleasant way.

“Here, this is my resignation letter. Am quitting”

“Why?” He asked.

“I think you know the reason”

“I see, it is ok” he said.

“I will getting going” I said and left his office.

I went to mine and packed my stuff, i went out and saw Vivian’s spot empty.

I wonder how she is doing, I thought she was my friend but I never knew she was my enemy.

I waited for a minute in front of James office, hoping to see him but I noticed people’s presence.

I guess it is best to leave, it is only for the best anyway.

I head out the company, I didn’t bring my car, I walked slowly out of the company hoping to see James but I couldn’t till I got to the street, I was waiting to cross the street when I suddenly head my name.

I turned back, delighted. I get to see him before I leave.

“I thought I missed you” he said.

“Same here” I said and stayed silent.

“Guess this is it, it was nice meeting you Jas” he said and offered a handshake which I took.

“Same here” I said as tears threatened to fall

“I guess this is the end of us”

“Yes” I said.

“Take care if yourself, don’t get hurt, live a happy life, be happy and Smile everytime” he said.

“I will” I said and sniffed trying to hold my tears.

We looked at each other as people passed, still shaking hands.

“I have to go now” I said and he let go of me

“I understand” he said.

“Goodbye now for real” he said.

“Goodbye” I said and turned to cross the road and be apart from James.

The traffic light turned to red which means I can pass.

I walked slowly, trying not to cry.

I don’t know if I can do, it is hard.

“Jas” I heard James voice and I turned to his direction.

I saw a big truck heading to my place and saw James running to me.

I couldn’t move as my leg stayed still, due to the shock.

Is this the end of everything, I thought as I felt a force pushed me away but still heard a crash.

“Ah” I stood up from where I floor.

My arms were bleeding but not much.

What happened?

There was an accident, I guess the crash sound I heard were the cars.

“Where is James?” I thought and saw people gathered at a spot.

I move closer to them and was shocked at what I saw.

“No” I said and moved through the crowd in horror.


I pull him on me.

“James?!” I said terrified. he was bleeding from his head.

“James” I said as tears rolled down my face.

He opened his eyes.

His hands went to my cheeks.

“James, are you alright?” I asked but he couldn’t talk as he tried to.

“I…lo….” His hands fell from my cheeks and his eyes were shut.

“No, James pls don’t do this to me”

“James pls, don’t”

“Someone call an ambulance”

“Someone please help us”

James pov

I sighed as Jas walked away from me, this is going to be tough.

I saw a truck moving fast, not following the traffic light.

“What is going on?” I looked at the truck’s direction and it was heading to Jas.

“Jas!” I shout and ran to her who stayed frozen after seeing the truck.

I got to her and pushed her away but before I could get out of the way I was hit.

I opened my eyes only to find myself in Jas arms, my whole body hurts, I don’t need to be told what happened.

It is all over, I touched Jas cheeks as her warm tears dropped on my hand.

I should at least confess my feelings before the worst happens.

“I…. Lo” I managed to say but I couldn’t complete my words as my sight became blurry, darkness covered my eyes.

“Someone please help us” was the last thing I heard before I lost consciousness.

Anita pov

I was caught on the spot and was arrested by police officers.

I witnessed the whole scene before my arrest.

James was rushed to a hospital after the ambulance came.

My plan failed, everything failed. I just realized how stupid I was.

Because of the accident I caused, James got hit with a car.

I killed him, I was blinded by a stupid revenge and I ruined everything.

James had been good to me, I ruined everything, I betrayed him and his love but, it was only because of that bitch.

That crazy bitch, I lost everything because of her.

In the end, she won and I failed.

But was it really because of her, I killed Luke and put the blame on the poor lady, and now James.

I was wrong, it was all my fault.

Am the bad one here, I ruined myself, I ruined everything, Luke and James.

“The two men I loved” I said sobbing.

I was such a idiot, now am going to spend the rest of my life in jail.

All for nothing, is it not better to die now, rather than going to jail.

Dying is even merciful for someone like me, I looked at the officer beside me, I used my body to push her away and snatched her gun from her holster, the other police officer pointed his gun at me.

I put the gun to my head, this is my punishment for everything.

I don’t deserve their forgiveness but I hope they forgive me.

Am sorry, I pulled the trigger and landed on the floor, as blood came out from my head.

Goodbye, I hope you survived.

Jasmine pov

I followed the ambulance to a hospital, they took James into the emergency operating room while I was stopped by a nurse.

“Ma, are you his guardian?” She asked but I couldn’t answer her.

All my thoughts were all about James, this is all my fault.

The person who was in the truck was Anita, she tried to kill me and in the process James got hit by a car.

If only I had left sooner, I was so greedy

If I had left sooner, even if anything would have happened, James won’t be there and he won’t have been in an accident.

“Who is he to you?” She asked again.

“He is the man I love” I said crying.

“I love him” I said.

“It is going to be alright, I need you to sign this while we proceed with the surgery” she said.

“Is he going to be fine?” I asked.

“Sure, he will be” she assured me.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said and went to the operating room.

“James, pls don’t leave me”

Please, if you do then I will live the rest of my life with regrets, even if I won’t be with you I want you to be alive

So don’t die on me, don’t.

Hours later

I saw the doctor leave the operating room(op), he was with a frown, he looked sad.

If a doctor is looking sad, that means the worst has happened.

“Sir!” I called and went to him.

“Am sorry to say this ma, but we…..”

Jasmine pov

“Am sorry to say this ma, but we tried our best but am not sure when he will wake up, I must say he is really lucky to have come this far, but we have passed the worst stage we’ll just have wait and see” he explained.

“Ok, thanks” I said sadly.

“James pls don’t leave me, pls don’t”

I went to his ward, saw him on the bed unconscious.

I sat next to him and held his hand.

I know I didn’t get to tell you this but I love you, from the bottom of my heart, I love you so much.

I don’t know when and how but I do love you, more than anything, so please come back to me.

“Don’t die, I don’t want you to leave, even if I won’t be with you, just be alive my love please” I said and my tears dropped on his hand.

“I love you James” I said and kissed his hand.

I do

Few weeks later

James pov

It been a week since I woke up, how I survived was a miracle to everyone, even me because I thought I was dead so it’s been a week since I woke up and it’s also been that long since I last saw Jasmine.

I heard from the doctor and some nurses that I was brought here by a man, makes me wonder if Jas ever cared about me.

I have been in the hospital for weeks but she didn’t even check on me or take me to the hospital even if she had to leave, come to think of it I got hit because of her.

People can be really cruel, I feel hurt and sad.

I was told by the police that Anita is dead and she is the cause of the accident, she had been trying to kill Jas and she also killed Luke.

This is all my fault, all this happen because of my greed for Jas.

Am at fault, for everything.

A nurse entered, this is my first time seeing her.

“How are you doing?” She asked changing my drip

“Fine” I replied with a smile.

“You really have a good girlfriend” she said while I gave a confused look.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Your girlfriend, the one who came here with you the day you had an accident” she said.

“A girl brought me here?” I asked.

“Yes, or is she not your girlfriend? When I asked her she said you are the man she loves”

“What was her name?”

“Jasmine Peters?” I asked

“Yes, jasmine” she said while my heart thud.

“Where is she?” I asked.

“I saw her just now, she was carrying a traveling bag with a passport in her hand” she said.

I removed my drip and stood up, put on a coat on the hospital pyjamas I wore.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“You still need to rest” she said.

I need to go to her before she leaves, she just can’t leave like that.

“I can’t let her go without goodbye, no I can’t let her go” I said while she looked at me pitiful.

“Ok” she said.

“Go and have her back” she said while I smiled.

I went out of the hospital, took a cab and head to the airport.

I must have her back, she is mine and I love her.

I have to search for my Jas.

She just can’t leave like that, she can’t leave me alone.

“I haven’t confessed my love to her” I said and fell on my knees while people looked at me as they passed.

She can’t just leave like that, I must confess my love to her.

I must tell her, how much I love and how much I want her.

“James” I heard Jas voice behind me.

Jasmine pov

I looked as the plane left, I just couldn’t leave, I found it hard it to leave after he woke up just a week ago,
I told the doctor not to let him know that it was I who brought him in and tended to him,
I just feel like leaving is the best thing but now I can’t bring myself to leave.

But where will I go now?

I have no one, nobody, I have no one to go home to.

James probably hates me because he thinks I left him, he must really hate me.

I was on my way out, when I saw a guy kneeling down, he looked like James, no it is James.

“James” I called.

He stood up and turned towards me.

He ran to me and hugged me while tears fell off my face.

He pulled away, “I thought you were gone”

“Do you know how sad I was, how hard it will be if you aren’t here with me, how sad I will be?

How miserable I will be without you.”

“Am sorry” I said.

Naija Sex Stories - The Unfaithful Chapter 2
Photo by John Rocha on Pexels.com

“I was so scared that I won’t be able to tell you this”

“I won’t be able to tell you how much I love you, that even though we don’t like each other at first, I grew to want and love you.

That I can’t do without you, I love Jas” he said as tears of joy rolled down from my face.

“So let stop being sex partners and date, let’s date Jas” he said.

“I love you too and I will love to date you” I said smiling.

Naija Sex Stories – The Unfaithful Chapter 2

He moves his head closer and kissed me as people stared at us but that didn’t stop us from kissing.

Now I know, we aren’t only sex partners. I love him and am glad he feels the same.

I thought I hate him but now I know better, Hatred can be turn to love.

What can I do?

I used to hate him but now I love him and I know I will forever love him.

Because he is both my sex partner and my lover.

What my body wants and what my heart wants is him.

The end.

Written By Ayomiposi Diaries and Felipe


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