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Naija Stories – My Beautiful Crush vol 1

by Victor Lil Vick
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Naija Stories - My Beautiful Crush vol1
Divine Nnaekpe

Naija Stories – My Beautiful Crush Vol1

Naija Stories series

I had come early that morning and secured a seat close to the front row of the class.

I had already put one of my thick covered exercise books on the seat closest to me just to keep it secured.

Not for anyone in mind though but just in case a decent looking, attractive lady walked by and needed some place to sit down.

This always happened and I expected it to happen today.

It was just another working day in every sense of the word.

The weather was cool this morning, the sun glowed happily with the sparse clouds well surrounding it.

Students like me were already scurrying to their respective lecture rooms although some had already started.

You could hear the lousy sounds of old buses and motor vehicles that served as University Shuttles.

I wasn’t particularly exuberant that morning but I wasn’t totally devoid of enthusiasm.

I reached for one of my books in a bid to check out the day’s timetable.

This wasn’t totally useful because I already knew the lecture timetable for the full week! Checking that was just a way to look busy.

The hall which served as a class was particularly large but no large enough to hold the entire students in my class.

I don’t know if it’s a question of over population or poor infrastructure.

I picked up my mobile phone and then decided to play a game before the lecture kicked off by 8- this was 7:15.

Strangely, after some time, I felt tired of playing the game and decided to plug in my ear phones.

To keep burning the time that was left.

It didn’t take long before I felt someone tap me.

I shivered and in surprise turned to see who the hell was disturbing my halcyon moment.

Why I Hardly Fall In Love - Paul Tosin

Naija Stories – My Beautiful Crush Vol1

It was a lady – not too pretty, but enough to keep me calm.

“Hey, Can I help you?”,

I had said. “Yes”, came the soft reply, “it’s about this sear close to you”.

I smiled in triumph.

Eventually, this was bound to happen.

“I thought I saw you sitting at the front earlier or wasn’t it you”, I said trying hard to stifle a frown.

“Actually, it’s for my friend and she doesn’t like staying at the front. She can manage a sear close to the front row”.

I pondered on this trying hard not to utter insane words.

First, a friend of hers who hasn’t come to school yet?

From what she said, her friend didn’t like too much publicity and couldn’t sit down with her at the front row.

I gave her a hard look as if trying to decipher her thoughts..

Her face remained expressionless and she showed no sign of nerves.

“Alright, when she comes she can sit down”,

I said finally more out of cluelessness than capitulation.

The girl went back to her seat then and I went back to my music.

I became curious. Who was this girl that was going to sit with me?

She rather be pretty and appealing else…….

Else what? Not like you can throw her out.

You don’t own the class you know.

I surreptitiously hope she’s going to be pretty.

I could do with a nice, cool company here. But what if she’s pretty but a snub?

Then you can’t possibly say a word.

Ha! I didn’t like the idea of the girl being a snub but, there was still some possibility there.

But I didn’t want that to be the case.

I tried to use the image of the girl that approached me earlier to paint a picture of what her supposed friend would look like.

This, as I found out later was a totally futile move solely because she looked nothing like her friend in the mildest of words.

I was already drowning into the world of somnolence when I heard the lecturer’s voice.

He came a bit early today, I muttered to myself- the time then was 7:55.

The Class Representatives and their helpers were already rummaging about to see that all the devices used for the lecture were ready.

While this was happening, I was busy stifling frown after frown.

Apparently because of the lecturer’s unannounced arrival.

I looked beside me and saw two figures. One of them was the girl that had approached me earlier with another girl beside her.

I immediately assumed that was the friend to sit beside me.

I took a minute to look at her from her toes to her head.

And as my eyes travelled in due course, I found my mouth slowly fall open and in no time, I was already amazed.

In front of me was a lady with smooth, succulent and luscious thighs.

She had on her waist a skirt which fitted her hips by every inch!

It was as though the tailor hadn’t made an error at all.
She had a dumb bell shape to match.

I hadn’t time to stare too much at her cup shaped, inviting breasts as I was immediately caught by bubbly, dark brown eyes and a very soft smile emanating from her soft, juicy lips exposing a fine, white set of teeth.

Oh! I can’t find best words to describe this wonder of a girl!

She certainly was more than a spectacle.

Her face spoke inestimably too much of her angelic nature.

She was considerably tall relative to other girls I’ve met.

I immediately found myself standing up and giving her way to go to the seat beside me.

I can’t still explain how I found myself standing.

It just seemed to happen.

And as she came to sit down, her sweet, fruity perfume pervaded the entire row.

“Hi”, she said bringing me back from my world of delirium.

“Hello, good morning “, I replied almost with a shaky voice.
As she spoke, I was impressed with her fresh breath.

Her voice was soft and inviting, sweet yet firm and serious.

She clearly didn’t house any emotions and the “hi” she said was more out of formality.

I seemed loss of words and entirely bemused.
I couldn’t at all think straight – not when this girl with ineffable beauty was beside me.

No! I was entirely restless the entire period the lecture endured.

How can I get her to talk to me?

I’m pretty sure she’s not aware of the effect she’s having on me.

Or maybe she’s feigning to be ignorant of it?

Is she aware of the psychological effects that her presence is causing me?

I decided then that I’d find a way to impress this beauty beside me.

But the real question was, how will I do this?

The task was simple thanks to the nature of the topic the lecturer taught that particular morning: The median and Radial nerves.

Fortunately, I had read them satisfactorily in accordance to my mentor’s directives a day before the lecture.

And so, guessed right each and every word the lecturer was going to say before he said them.

Ha! Take that beautiful! I thought to myself in trimuph.

She seemed not to be moved by this as she remained keen on the lecturer’s voice.

But I was to find out later that my impact had cemented a great first impression.

She sat beside me intermittently for 3 or more days – not consecutively.

She told me her name and found out mine through my name tag.

Girls have a way of not asking for your name after you asked them theirs.

Well, I soon forgot her name but found out through her friend when she, her friend, asked me about her whereabouts.

I knew I had developed something for her but I still wonder what she thinks of me.

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Written By Mark Anthony

Naija Stories – My Beautiful Crush Vol1

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