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Naija Stories – The Fair Girl In Mama Put Restaurant

by Victor Lil Vick
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Naija Stories – The Fair Girl In Mama Put Restaurant

Naija Stories Series

The sun was up in the sky, hidden behind the clouds.

Cars moved, not so fast because there was not a need to hurry.

The weather was entirely cool that very blissful afternoon.

Music blared from home sound systems owned by restaurants in order to entertain their customers.

That was my situation that afternoon.

Nothing seemed interesting and I had in fact left the confines of my home to find some fun elsewhere.

And that was how I got to Home of the Whopper- a restaurant not too far where where I lived.

It’d distance from my home was the least walkable.

I had planned earlier to walk straight to the 2nd floor of the restaurant to watch the television there and also, to charge my phone at a nearby socket.

Ha! Killing two birds with one stone isn’t it?

When I walker into the restaurant, my fears were abated as I saw myself walk freely up to the staircase.

I was relieved but not completely.

I still felt that someone would call me from behind and ask me to get down. But no one did.

And I was happy as I climbed up the stairs.

I noticed that the second floor was used by a group of guys who had converted it into a photo studio.

This was obvious because of the cotton background somewhere in the middle of the 2nd floor room and the camera lights scattered randomly round the edges of the room.

One of the boys held a camera in his hands and was in fact, appeared to be taking photos of a girl who had just gone into the Ladies room turned changing room for a change of clothes.

Another one of the boys was on one edge of the room, armed with a laptop. His own duty was to edit the photos.

He had another younger boy who flanked him behind.

It seemed he was editing the boy’s photos which the camera guy had taken few minutes before I walked in.

I was directed by the camera boy via gesture to the computer boy to table my request.

The computer boy in turn directed me to one edge of the room and showed me a socket where I plugged my phone.

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For a moment, I saw that the middle of the room was substantially empty except for the cotton background which was set there.

I was soon to realise that this was where their customers posed to have their photos taken.

The camera boy was busy setting the lights and adjusting the background while he waited for the girl to change in the Ladies room.

She was soon to emerge though and the camera boy swiftly approached her again and showed her where the next photoshoot would take place.

It was around the staircase opposite where I sat.

I was now forced to look at this lady. She was of a dark brown complexion and didn’t have much height.

But for a lady, she was quite tall.

She wore a skirt made of elastic and translucent material which seemed to show her curves.

And all through the cause of the entire photoshoot, the only thing that remained seemingly constant was this skirt.

The heel of her shoes were transparent and were quite high augmenting her height.

I could see the camera boy adjusting the lady’s posture and showing her different poses.

He did this quite energetically like an enthusiastic child who just started as an apprentice.

But from the works I saw in the computer boy’s screen, he was quite good in his trade.

I watched on the rest of the photoshoot with indifference.

To me, it was just a normal boring act on a normal boring day.

The dark brown lady soon went into the Ladies room again.

But this time, stayed a bit longer than usual.

It was during this time that the course of the whole day changed.

I didn’t expect it.

A 24 hour day was transformed in just a moment!

It all started when this girl walked in.

I saw her from when she was still climbing the stairs.

It took me a great deal of self discipline to restrict myself from staring a lot.

The girl was nothing short of an exquisite beauty craftily made by God. Her skin was clothed in an impeccably smooth light brown complexion.

She had on her hair what looked like a well brushed and trimmed wig which was long up to her waist.

Her dress was astutely made of Ankara material and fitted her sleek body shape.

Naija Stories Sarah stunning skin integrity
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Naija Stories – The Fair Girl In A Restaurant

I don’t know the name of the dress or what it is called but it exposed the skin on her back up to the level of about half her upper arm when one drew a horizontal line with the eye.

This only left more smooth skin for my eyes to feast on.

As she elegantly approached, the camera boy quickly rushed to her and they hugged in deep familiarity.

They seemed to know each other.

I immediately got jealous of the boy.

I used the time which the camera boy used to block the girl’s view from where I was, to steal more stares at her.

God was indeed an artist with an exquisite and ineffable class.

This girl was proof of that.

How I loved staring at beautiful ladies!

I wished that I could summon the courage to walk up to her and exaggerate her looks to her.

But as you’d guess, my timidity wouldn’t let me.

She quickly walked over and sat close to the computer boy on the other edge of the room and sat down as she waited for the camera boy to set his lights and put up a colourful background.

She didn’t need a change of clothes I presumed but she seemed to be struggling with her shoes.

She was changing them.

I was stealing stares at her while she was at it and I guessed she knew too because of the way she’d look towards me.

I quickly evade my eyes and pretend to wipe my face with my handkerchief when this happens.

She soon stood up on sighting the signs of the camera boy.

All was set and it was time for photos.

The arena for this photoshoot was directly adjacent to me and I could see her smooth legs and a little portion of her thighs.

The camera boy told her to pose as soon as he was done adjusting his camera.

She didn’t find it difficult unlike the other dark brown girl.

Her pose reminded me of a model whose face was on a very popular entertainment magazine.

After taking the first shot and seemingly unsatisfied, the camera boy looked up to the girl and told her to smile.

It was then I realised that this girl hadn’t smiled since she walked in.

But she soon did and exposed a set of deep dimples which in turn made her smile enchanting.

They sat the smile is a woman’s charm, don’t they?

She kept on changing postures and the camera boy kept on clicking.

But one the postures was quite interesting.

The camera boy had told her to turn sideways with her hands on her waist and she did this such that her ass was now directly in front of me.

I could stare as much as I wanted.

For only a moment though as she soon turned back to her normal position.

For one thing, I wasn’t the only one guilty of stealing stares at this beautiful work of art.

The dark brown girl was there too.

I didn’t notice when she came out from the Ladies room.

She looked gloomy while staring at the light brown girl obviously intimidated by her beauty.

I meant to go to her and whisper to her ear, “don’t worry, you’re beautiful too. Everyone is beautiful in a way”.

This too, I didn’t do because the dark brown girl acted as though she read my mind and immediately left the studio telling the computer boy that she’d be back the next day for her photos.

While this was happening, I could see the light brown girl resisting more photos from the camera boy who kept on being importunate.

She had spoken with such a sweet voice that I said to myself, “Ah! What a complete work of art!

Most of these beauties always have dazzling voices to crown everything up”.

The light brown girl soon went back to her spot on the other edge of the room where the computer boy was working. She pulled off her wig and this gave me a disposition to finally stare at her real hair.

They were pitch black and braided with some ornaments here and there.

Naija Stories – The Fair Girl In A Restaurant

The braids were only as long as the midpoint of her neck- that was probably how fair her hair could go.

But this didn’t change much.

She still looked as pretty as before.
She soon put the wig into the bag which she came in with and pulled off the shoes she had worn earlier, slipping back into her heels.

It was time for her to go.

She left some instructions with the computer boy, made a deposit and walked away.

My eyes followed her as she walked down the stairs.

Keenly watching her hips moving up and down.

I had wanted to pretend that I wanted something downstairs just to get another minute to feast my eyes.

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But by the time I made my move, it was too late.

She had left the restaurant. With that, I returned upstairs and with the boredom of the day returning, I soon drifted to sleep.

I awoke by 4pm, gathered my things and left.

Written By Mark Anthony
For naija Stories series


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