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Nigeria Politicians, A Case Of Bad Role Models To Nigerians

by Victor Lil Vick
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Nigeria Politicians, A Case Of Bad Role Models For Its Citizens
Photo by McBarth™ Obeya on Pexels.com

Nigeria Politicians, A Case Of Bad Role Models To Nigerians

Written By Paul Tosin

Some people believe whenever an issue rises, it is not the government that caused it, the next you’ll hear from them is stop politicising everything, stop blaming the government.

Who are the politicians?

Who’s responsible for the security of her citizens?

Who are the controller of the country?

Who should provide social amenities?

The wellbeing of the citizens lies in their hand and how the citizens are being guided.

For every action taken that contradict or favour the citizenship, they are responsible for it.

Either Covid’19 is real or not, we don’t know but they’re the originated of virus into this country, the virus is proudly sponsored by them, the UK and US returnees, they spread it across, they announce fake numbers everyday, they force people to sit at home without necessary relief to be granted but they lied to us that they give out palliative.

Nigeria Politicians Are Bad Role Model For Its Citizens
Photo by Aaditya Arora on Pexels.com

Nigeria Politicians, A Case Of Bad Role Models For Its Citizens

They treated head injury and recorded it as covid’19 345 cases.

They looted from us and live prosperous life with their family.

They are all behind every evil deed of the land and encouraged evildoer, they never promote good practicable life the citizens can emulate.

No better life this people created for humanity but to encourage thugs to constitute nuisance during election and kill themselves.

I will never blame anyone for the irrelevant life they choose to live not even the armed robbers, thugs, prostitutes, and other unacceptable social conformity in the land.

When people you voted in promises a lot for you but none of it is done, why won’t we politicize.

When they failed to create stable environment for the young ones who engaged in cyber crime, why won’t we politicize.

When they impose irrelevant taxes on us to generate money for themselves when the one looted from the resources ain’t enough for them, why won’t we politicize this too.

They keep borrowing and spending our money without any tangible things done with it and the borrowed became burden debt on us and coming generation, why won’t we politicize.

Many depletion of fund in salary earners, no pension, no gratuity, no payoff and not even salaries for the workers but they collected their allowances and salary without any short pay, why won’t we politicize.

An empowerment for 500,000 people and job for 774,000 people, the senators, commissioners, LG chairmen, and other political high rank had been given slots not selection by qualification but by proxy, why won’t we politicize this injustice manners.

80% of the life y’all live is still under political slavery because they control and dictate almost your life style, definitely we will all politicize whatever happening in our country because we were guided by the politicians.

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Many people keep defending politicians dumbfoundingly and excitingly!

I’m not surprised they have yet to be waking up from Nigerian political slavery.


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