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Nigeria – What Would Have Been The Best Choice For Us?

by Victor Lil Vick
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 Nigeria - What Would Be The Best Choice For US

Nigeria – What Would Have Been The Best Choice For Us?

Written By Paul Tosin

Break up into the zonal region they were as a nation before the joining together by Lord Lugard

Depression over the nation pounds my heart whenever I think about the abundant resource bestowed by the nature and despite these resources we are still chronically poor.

I’m calling upon every youth to this catastrophe tragedy since our leaders had failed us.

What has it be our main contribution towards this misfortune and catastrophe?

Are we still going to follow the simpleton legacy laid down by this corruptible and manner less leader?

What will be our quota to improve and advance the ameliorate of this country for every human kind?

We can’t just keep rocking social media with unnecessary advocacy, spending all our time spreading and gossiping unnecessary information that has no impact in our lives without merging ideas together and find way out of this mess.

We need to do basis brainstorming with no dozy and we need to have the same mindset toward the achievement of this nation for betterment of humanity.

There is no condemnation before us than our predecessor generation only if we could adopt necessary action than them, then our successor generation will not condemn us only if we proffer excellent environment for success to them.

Our ancestors failed to compromise with better and fair environment to propel excellence but we must guarantee suitable environment to succeed for ourselves and for coming generation.

If we are to project 2030 with the current situation of the country wonder what the entire nation will hold for us all.

We the youth of this generation need to be awaking, let us not slumber nor procrastinate neither relenting things are getting worst each day with the hope of not getting good or better result.

A group of people called for ‘Revolution’ as a way out of this mess while other group of people agitated for getting a republic for themselves and breaking up the country into formal way it was before amalgamation would be most preferable to overcome this unpleasant tragedy.

While our leaders still hammering on restructuring of the country whereas it has not being working for the past 6 decades, restructuring would have been better only if our politician’s fidelity were at zenith.

People no longer truth in the government because of their selfish interest.

We need to put an end to this crisis and human disastrous attitude, to zero our mindset towards any negativity of achieving whichever we decided on taking from the choices.

Nigeria – What Would Have Been The Best Choice For Us?

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I know we are great, our generation youth are peculiar and superb.

I am very optimistic in the implicit of our superiority; let’s fear not we are Mentally, Physically and Spiritually Strong.

Let us lay down legal legacy our children will build upon incorruptible, hardworking, honesty development legacy and other dimension of fighting against corruption and poverty. We are the generation changer.

The few mindset ones can heal the world, together we can make betterment for ourselves and communities and the positive minded ones can do without the multitude phony being, together we shall succeed after deciding on the best choice?

Which choice would be preferred and let work on it?

Nigeria – What Would Have Been The Best Choice For Us?

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