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Why Nigerians keeps Mute To Save Their Ass From The Government Tyrants

by Victor Lil Vick
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Why Nigerians keeps Mute To Save Their Ass From The Government Tyrants

Why Nigerians keeps Mute To Save Their Ass From The Government Tyrants

Written By Paul Tosin

O Viper Generation Youths

Who had failed to question their current position?

Whose adaptation has become natural process for essential life of living, despite most of the atrocities caused to the nation’s system wasn’t from them, rather, they need to question these atrocities but silence is their best question, adaptation process begun, murmured follow and perpetual agony find place in their heart.

He who has the ability and speaks was cautioned and sanctioned, threatened with death, got imprisoned and was charged for death or huge amount of money for speaking over the right and as a citizen who have the right to speaks.

This act got many who were ready to speak and kick against bad governance silence.

Who had failed to understand their environment and put all blames on evil Satan through their religious doctrine and always expecting the ALMIGHTY to intercede, ‘the greatest nation today never become great through the way of religious doctrine we were taught and practicing, where we are expecting Almighty to fixed our imbalances.

Who believe they can succeed only through the means of their religious leader’s prayers without hardworking whilst unemployed, who believe a token amount of money received from their politician leaders will survive them for the rest of their life, who are blindfolded and brainwashed to attack their freedom fighters and by chronic poverty caused through their blockheadeded for Religious and Political leaders in other to enrich their own Ministries.

O’ Viper Generation of Religious Leaders

Whose their religious leader preached against small god and mammon, who made it clear that small god cannot save neither their mammon could save them, thou shall not bow down for graven image or any but encourage the use of white man image Jesus and Mohammed as their god and bow down for it.

Why Nigerians keeps Mute To Save Their Ass From The Government Tyrants

Why Nigerians keeps Mute To Save Their Ass From The Government Tyrants

But also encourage black man Satan as the evil god, what an evil doctrine and dogma teaching.

No wonder White Jesus Image was sold out and many of their black men gullible followers bow down under those image for prayers.

Who claimed that traditionalists power are powerless and it is undependable, whereas they so much depended on it to perform magic to their followers who were terribly seeking for miracles.

They claimed to be light to us but we’ve been in total darkness and yet everyone believed we’re in light.

They made us known spirituality only through religious which has caused more harm than physicality to human beings.

Religious beliefs have disunited human race across the world and will always tear us apart because they always claim superiority over each other.

O’ Viper Generation of Political Leaders

Whose claimed to be the best over the existing and previous best, condemned the best as the worst ever in the history, makes false promises and tangles with their citizens lives, swear with the book of God called ‘Bible and Quran’ before the court of law and as a witness to fulfill their promises and never to go astray as said to the citizens.

Who sees the life of the citizens merely as an animal, and who failed to fulfill their promises but can abet the poor with penny that can’t survive them for a week during the election just to have their vote again.

Why Nigerians keeps Mute To Save Their Ass From The Government Tyrants

If you think politics and religious aren’t the major driving tools driven this country backward you need to diagnose for psychiatric.

A time will come when your possession will not save you, your Pastors, Priests, Clerics, Imam, Prophets, Reverends, Apostles, and other title called by men of god will never save you. Your political career and power will never save you and your family neither the whole citizens will be save.

When your intelligent will failed you and your ignorant will deep you into the broadest ocean but you’ll be saved by the piece of authentic and truth information you hearken to and vigorously stick with.

To show the world we can achieve against all odds and adversities is the pinnacle of punishment we can mete out to those who wanted to destroy us, when a mountain get razed to the ground another mountain unfolds on its own.

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