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NYSC – Top 10 Best States To Serve As A Youth Corper In Nigeria

by Victor Lil Vick
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NYSC - Top Best States To Serve As A Youth Corper In Nigeria

10 Best States to Choose for NYSC, Make Money And Easy To Get A Job.

Graduates view/see NYSC with different spectacle or view points.

Some see the period as an avenue to integrate and learn from new cultures and also see and explore other parts of the country while others see it as an opportunity to work or start a business and have a extra stream of income apart from their monthly salaries they are being paid by the government.

But in the light of this , each graduate always have at the back of their mind that wherever they want to serve, they would choose a place or a state where they will always feel comfortable and better themselves in terms of finances and better living.

“Who no like money”.😄😄.

In this post we will like to suggest 10 States to choose from for your NYSC which will allow you to either make money or even get a job or enjoy your service days.

In fact, you can even get the three benefits in some States, yes , it is possible to get the three. We will explain this in details, just run along with the post.

But before we proceed in naming these states, it is important for you to know and note the criteria we evaluated and used in choosing these States as part of the states a Corp member can choose.

The first criteria is the economic benefits of these states.

Apart from the safety of graduates In their new state of service i.e ( in terms of securing accommodation ).

Another top preference in the mind of graduates is their survival.

Some of them ask questions like how will I get food to eat?,

Can I secure a job over there?,

Is the place I am moving to economically beneficial.

These are some of the criterias we used in choosing these states as the answers of frequently asked questions of graduates or let say the possible solutions to the questions ravaging the minds of graduates as they seek to choose their state of service.

It should be noted that , we tried to cover all these questions or worries of graduates in their choice of state of service , the states chosen in this post covers both the security,cost if living, interactive capability of host State, jobs , businesses and general well-being of graduates who choose these states about to be mentioned.
Among other factors.

NYSC - Top Best States To Serve As A Youth Corper In Nigeria



Even as you are reading this Post , you know in your mind that Lagos will be part of the states we would mention , and of course it is part of it , Lagos as we all know is the commercial center of the country and when we say commerce, it means businesses trives there as well as employment and productivity.

More than 50% of the country’s business transactions occurs there, most companies has head offices there e.g Banks, beverage company, flour mills, Hotel and suites…. etc.

As a result of this it is obvious that securing a job here is possible and also in some parts of the state the cost of living is not so high.

And also on the area if entertainment and luxury, Lagos has everything you will ever need when it comes to entertainment; for example bars, viewing centers, tourist attractions, museums e.t.c .

So choosing Lagos as the number state is not a bad idea after all.

Although as good as the state is economically, it is sometimes difficult to secure placement there due to how competitive it is to be posted to the state.

It is competitive as a result of some benefits enjoyed by those who got posted to the state.

For example, the state government if Lagos pays #10000 to its Corp members while those posted to private workplaces get from #25000 up to #60000 monthly apart from their initial salary which comes from the federal government.

So we see how economically strong Lagos is.

Due to the geographical proximity of ogun to Lagos, ogun State has also benefited from the economical might of Lagos.

The state has a lot of investments and companies and businesses.

There are factories and production places in Ogun state in some places like ; sangotedo, igbesa and Agbara axis. Ogun is also an heavily industrialized State, so it actually cool for those who who are in the sciences, especially in the engineering sector to choose Such a state.

Although, others can choose to as well as there are other opportunities that lies in the state for people to benefit from.

Ogun State Government does not pay it’s Corp members but Private businesses in the state does and it is not as competitive as Lagos.

Abuja is the capital city of the country and as a result of this it attracts high population and businesses to itself.

But one thing one muut take note of is that the cost of living in Abuja is very high compared to other States but it is still a place you would love to be as there are lot of opportunities.

There are head offices and it is also a good place to secure a job, especially a federal Government job.

Abuja doesn’t pay it’s Corp members but some Private bodies does and Payment ranges from #20000 to #40000 apart from there initial salary from the Federal Government. In short Abuja is also another state to choose for your youth service.

This state is known to be the hub of Nigerian Petrolum industry amsaa such the state is rich, although it is not as rich as you may imagine in your mind but it is still a place to look out for , especially graduate who backed degrees in petroleum/ chemical engineering or even engineering in general.

There are lots of industries who might just be looking for someone like you .

The state claims to pay Corp members #15000 while Private institutions pays an amount ranging from #30000-#50000 to its Corp members. The cost of living in Rivers State is also high.

This is another State in the northern part of the country. Don’t be afraid, it is not an insurgent State.

It is considered as the heart of Northern Nigeria as it is known to be heavily industrialized as it a home for wealthy elites of Nigeria.

The likes of Dangote and Dantata family resides in Kano.
It is an heavily populated state apart from its religious misunderstanding, it is equally secured.

NYSC - Top Best States To Serve As A Youth Corper In Nigeria

10 Best States to Choose for NYSC and to Make Money or Get a Job.

Businesses trives there (as long as it is not against the belief of the people). The cost of living is very cheap as housing, food, clothes, transport are all cheap as well.

It also a state to choose for any graduate who has a zeal for agriculture.
The state government pays #5000 to its Corp members while Private establishment pays an amount ranging from #10000- #20000.

It is very much a developing state and as such , the cost of living is not so high.

There are some industries in the state and it is an oil rich State. Searching for jobs in these state is not too difficult.
It is a secured state and those in the petroleum sector should start working towards getting a placement there.

The state pays #5000 monthly while Private businesses in the state pays as high as #35000.

It is the highest oil providing state in Nigeria. It houses some companies like Mobile. Enterprising Corp members can look out for such a State.

It is very calm and it is a beautiful State to reside as it has a rich tourist site and urban development.

The state government pays #5000 monthly while private businesses in the state pays from #15000- #35000.

The capital city of Oyo state is Ibadan. It is the third most populus city in Nigeria. It has an estimate population of over 3 million.
It is the country’s largest city by geographical area.
You will have a market center in virtually every area of the city. Ibadan allows entrepreneurship and it is a fertile ground for businesses to grow .
The cost of living is not high and it has some good raod network as well.

It has the biggest market in West Africa, Onitsha Main Market. It also has the biggest automobile spare parts market in Nigeria in a place called Nnewi.
There are industries in the state, they’re scattered in the state.Anambra is not only a trading state, it is also industrialized.
The cost of living is not high. It is secure.

However, there are criminal cases in some parts of the state, E.g Onitsha.. It is good for business as any business trives there. The cost of running a business in this state is not expensive at all. One can also hope of securing a job in this State. The state government pays 8,000 naira monthly to the corpers serving in her State while Private enterprises can pay an amount ranging from #15000- #30000.

This is the last state will be choosing.The cost of living in the state is average, although it is high in the state’s capital.

A Senior Soldier Inspecting Corper At NYSC Parade, Camp Ground

NYSC - Top Best States To Serve As A Youth Corper In Nigeria

The state is secure. There are a industries scattered here and there, but most people depend on government revenue as there source of income.

It has a very secured environment good for any kind of business. There also jobs in the state.

The state government pays a sum of #4000 to its Corp members ( especially those in rural areas) while she pays #1000 to those in urban areas, sounds fair enough right😄 ?.

So in short While going to serve your father land, don’t just have the mindset of having fun and spending your allowances alone or the joy of finishing an academic process, instead, plan your life and your Future and think of a State out of the aforementioned above where you can live your dream and realize it.

Remember, if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail.

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Thank you.
Disclaimer: it is important to note that we are not saying that other states in Nigeria are not economically viable or safe , of course there are other states who also are not too bad to reside it just that we careful selected these ones above as a better option you might want to consider first for your nysc

We all know that some states are thriving much better than others in Nigeria.

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