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Stop Counting Allegations On Your Parents

by Victor Lil Vick
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Stop Counting Allegations On Your Parents

Stop Counting Allegations On Your Parents

Written By Paul Tosin ©

Sometimes I just look at some people with their unacceptable manners!

Fine, If you think you have the worst childhood because you lack parental care and support you are wrong,

I said it time without numbers,

knowing that you have a parent and they are alive is a great blessing Even without them take good care of you.

I had it all rough too and almost everyone had it my parents often told me that my thinking always go contrary to people,

I was directly called insane, was once rejected and disowned because of my relevant action which seems to be irrelevant to my parents,

I guess many could know how it feel especially when you’re raised by someone who hate you,
I was raised in an hateful environment but I couldn’t blame anybody!

I had to move on with my life.

Almost 2 in 3 children between six months and two years of age are not fed food that supports their rapidly growth bodies and brains.

Stop Counting Allegations On Your Parents

Stop Counting Allegations On Your Parents

Over 40m children (3-23years) in Nigeria alone had no chance of being neither with a father nor a mother,
yet they don’t blame everyone for it and if they could have little parental care just because our country is prevalence of abject poverty,

the little Opportunity you have that you’re not being disowned by your parents and you still mourns and complain they will be glad and grab the golden opportunity of being with a parents for just 1 or 2 years.

But there you are wallowing in self pity and rebuke your parents just because of what,
they didn’t take good care of you!

You should be happy that they didn’t conspired to terminate you or use you for ritual money instead of you be grateful to God.

There you are today!

You make it and start counting false allegations on your parents,

who knows maybe God as blessed you today for what you have because of your parents and you should carter for them,
you’re now saying you had it rough and you eventually make it so,
to denied them is the next action and to keep grudge with your parents.

Before I use to think life was all about myself and those who add value to me, I realized life wasn’t about that but living a righteous and caring to humankind irrespective of what I become,
Adding value to others when your life has been given value by someone,

Most ESPECIALLY to your poor parent no matter how small it is add to their lives

Dont loose this opportunity and regret for the rest of your life..

Paul Tosin✍

Stop Counting Allegations On Your Parents

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