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Poem – Dear Awesome Bed By Paul Tosin

by Victor Lil Vick
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Poem - Dear Awesome Bed By Paul Tosin

Written By Paul Tosin ©

Poem – Dear Awesome Bed By Paul Tosin

Ever since I met you, part of my life story has changed for better,
you’ve taught me the best way to lie on you that will always elevate my thinking, strengthening me when I’m weak,
stuck and even when I am frustrated during the working and studying hours of the day.

You’ve given me peace of mind and hope for a better life.
The day I met you has been a remarkable day in my life.
I got stuck and ashamed of my life few hours before I met you,

I hardly comprehend any problem that stood against me until the hour

I finally let you come into my fair little palace and your arrival has caused bedeck and brought festoon which has made my fair little abode transform completely.
I had my first dream,
the very first night I collided with you, cuddled and slept on you.
Early midnight, which is the second day of your arrival at around 1am,
you revealed to me some basic facts on how to tackle relevant and irrelevant problems on stress and anxiety impeding physical and psychologically growth and development,
how to combat against workaholic simply by adequate rest while lying on you.
I got most of my inspiration on mind meditation with transcendence each time I lay on you

Poem - Dear Awesome Bed By Paul Tosin

Especially those moments I am distressed you eyed and signaled me to come and lay on you to ease those stress.
It is time to dump laziness and do away with procrastination!

Time to get off from you to face the reality of the day,

I wish I could spend all my daily moments and time with you but you’ve shown and taught me many top secrets to cope with and tackle any problem arising in real life situation.

It’d be interesting to take these challenges and apply those secrets as you’ve taught me so I can be happy, proud of what you’ve made of me and have pleasant moments with you all night.
The moment I realized you’re bedeck to my career,
I never thought of letting you go,
I have come to give every worth you deserve,
change your raiment,
spray you the best odoriferous fragrance which will scent from a far distance.

You’re forever cherished and I’ll always cherish you dear awesome bed.

Many people might have abuse other kind of you dear awesome bed but I’ll never do,
they might have done farewell for every other type of you which might have cause to appalled you,
permit me to say they’re ignorant and they never know your value but people like me and I knew your value.

For I have come to know the estimated value of your worth,
I promise you those fragrance of sweet odoriferous will never go cease from me to you and you’ll always scented all the way you never imagine it could be.

◼ Paul Tosin


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