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by Victor Lil Vick
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Waves of emotions by Marvelous Kelvin
Waves of Emotions By Marvelous Kelvin



The last time I told aunty faith about my fate;
She stood in awe.

Aunty faith;
I chase this girl with strength and courage,
All for the love and not of lust.
Sincerely she is not of this world but she was sent to my world.

But it seems I lost her to the wind,
Love they say is a thing of the mind;
Since I knew her I’m out of my mind.

My love was backed with action,
Stimulated by my emotions,
Towards her true direction.
But she condemns me in ultimate rejection.

Aunty faith;
I fall twice a day getting hold on my lover,
Her eyes are beacons of the stars,
With hips and nice skins like sea beings,
Lips soft and succulent, I sort for another,
but I couldn’t find another not even a remainder.
She’s just like the scriptural Joseph,
whose clothes of many colours couldn’t be replaced.
Teeths are white as snow with tongues like a tiger.


Poem by Marvelous Kelvin
Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash

She crowns it all with eye glasses,
That sentenced haters to their flaws and lapses.
Making me tendering my apologies to her very court of law,
Yet I wasn’t related to any crime of love.
Still yet I’m a doctor but couldn’t discover pills to get rid of her thoughts.

My pride that I wish to someday pay the price;
A privilege to be her lover,
But it seems my love was a stone in her liver.
She never wanted me despite my words,
Her mother takes me like a flat tube,
Yet I don’t get tired thinking of her
Not even Taiwo can stop me.

Aunty faith now tell me;
It’s this love or madness?

You are the dream man of every girl,
Stuff with qualities of a godly man,

Blessed with wisdom beyond mere mortals,
It isn’t madness but love that is radically inclined to madness.

Even if it takes a combat,
Go for the girl of your dream;
Don’t think about the bites
Not even the bats,
All this are sure weakness of a man.
Sure enough, love is blinking in her heart,
But walls of Jericho,
Strong enough like heart breaks have clouded her mind.
I can even feel, how soaked she is by her bedside,
Just thinking about you.

Poem by Marvelous Kelvin

She sees something in you,
She is just too shy and emotional to speak out.
Now go and get the girl of your dream,
You don’t need description to know her prescription,
But know your decision,
So you wouldn’t go through depression,
This are my little motivation
That can give you inspiration.
She is the one; She belongs to you
Go get her to yourself!!
Even as Abraham got a wife for his son Isaac,
So I’m I ready to get her to your side.

Ooh. Blessed Aunty Faith,
The sun now beams smiles,
To the broken mirror in the centre of my heart,
May your missing ribs someday find you,
Even as you have journeyed me down the tunnel of true love.
The day I hold her hands down the aisle,
I will remain grateful to your strong words.
I can now show strength not weakness

I am…………..



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