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500,000 Npower Volunteers in Nigeria : The Unfolds Disaster

by Victor Lil Vick
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500,000 Npower Volunteers in Nigeria : The Unfolds Disaster

The Greatest Disaster Confronting 500,000 Npower Volunteers in Nigeria

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Hon. Minister of Disaster/Humanitarian Management is the greatest disaster to Nigeria Youths, Most especially Npower Volunteers have ever had, since the @sadiya_farouq took office from the vice president, Prof Yemi Osinbajo in October 2019.

This program has crumbled and damaged beyond expectation since October 2019,

it has really being known and unveil to Npower Volunteers and Nigeria Youths has whole that the Hon. Minister of Disaster is a fraudster.

Hon. Sadiya Umar Farouq Disaster lie that she as paid April/May Stipends to Npower Volunteers and they haven’t being paid for April/May, one of the volunteer claimed.

We are doing this to let the whole world know she as been playing on the intelligent of 500,000 Nigeria youths since her resumption into that office as the minister of Disaster as she was called.

Osun, Oyo, Lagos, Ekiti, Ondo, Ogun and the host of others states have received payment, the same thing she said with March payment leaving 75% unpaid till today.
The same woman that insisted she is going to feed school Children at home. Someone should come to the rescue of this country.
Nigeria youths are not lazy this right time we need to fight for what belong to us.

This is not what 500,000 Npower volunteers and Nigeria Youths voted for.

We expected so much sanity from this administration but its a pity they have fail all Npower and Nigeria Youths.


if you are planning to put an end to the program why not come out clean and let the beneficiaries move on and know that nothing good can be benefit from this administration.

You kept them in their PPA and you are toying with their sustenance.

Have you forgotten you will meet your God one day.

Sadiya_Farouq apart from leading this very sensitive humanitarian ministry, you are also woman/mother expected to be kind heart to everyone, why are you so cruel and Coward?

its SALLAH DAY again without payment of April/May Stipends of 500,000 Npower Volunteers in Nigeria.

The Greatest Disaster Confronting 500,000 Npower Volunteers under the Hon. Minister of Disaster/ Humanitarian and Management.




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