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The Untold Truth About Money – Talkshow Africa

by Victor Lil Vick
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The Untold Truth About Money - Talkshow Africa

The Untold Truth About Money – Talkshow Africa

Warning: You Don’t have to read this post!

If you are yet to watch the movie, “in time.” Then for a certain you are consciously snubbing the realities of our present world.

The Untold Truth About Money - Talkshow Africa
Film Title 📼 – In Time

But before I talk about the movie, permit to to drop my favourite line from the movie👇

“For a few to be immortals many must die!”

“In Time” is one movie that clearly portrayed how the world really works.

And from the movie one fact is certain;

There are two distinct worlds in today’s universe, which are the world of the rich and that of the poor.

And like two similar magnetic poles this worlds have no place were they meet amicably.

Kindly reread the last paragraph, “They rarely ever meet, and when they do it’s never amicably.”💯

Because their are artificial laws and systems (just like the time keepers in the Movie) set in place to maintain balance by keeping these worlds far apart.⚒️

Before you start asking yourself which world you are presently in, let me dive deeper into the matter.

Just like any other world the acceptable and easiest way of entry is by birth {so, if your parents are rich then you will most likely be rich, but if your parents are poor then the stake is that you stay poor or at most average (which is just another variant of poverty) }

Before you shout God forbid, I cannot be poor.

Let me quickly reemphasized that for every rules there are exceptions.

So, it’s possible for someone to escape the gravitational pulls of poverty while defiling the law which states that, to be wealthy one must be born into wealth.

But you must understand that this is an exception, and like all exceptions the odds are strictly against you.😒

And the movie “in time” portrays the “near impossibility” of beating the systems that keeps these worlds apart.

The Untold Truth About Money - Talkshow Africa

The Untold Truth About Money – Talkshow Africa

But you don’t have to believe me, just look around you and ask yourself.

1. How many wealthy folks get married to poor folks?

2. Which school is kind enough to make herself affordable for both rich kids and poor kids?

3. How many religious centres don’t barricade their poor folks from the rich?

The list is endless but the point is clear; the system was created to ensure you inherit the slot of your father.😭

Yeah it is an unfair world, but you must have this in mind, “that for a few to be immortals many must die.”

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So Also;


“But the question is; WILL YOU?”🤷


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