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The Untold Truths about Corona Virus

by Victor Lil Vick
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Corona Virus

The Untold Truths about Corona Virus

Written By Paul Tosin

Let me quickly put it this way: It takes years to produce vaccines for any pandemic. So, those claiming to have the vaccines are telling us the simple truth that, they created the virus as well as the vaccine.
We must ask honest questions and never accept vaccines that have been produced before the coming of the pandemic. Be Wise.
Some citizens are calling for the lockdown to be relaxed. Hmm!
The reason might be because millions of people are starving and frustrated.
The truth is that, the lockdown was initiated for the poor masses to feel the hunger then agitate for freedom hence; they will go out there and contact the virus in the name of attending to their businesses and searching for greener pastures for their families.
Another truth is: No politician will ever expose their families or themselves to the public.
They will sit at home and enjoy from what they have embezzled.

Corona virus

Honestly, the idea of locking down and relaxing it is a joke because; the number of confirmed infected persons are increasing and the poor masses will only end up exposing themselves to the virus.

The key questions are: Is relaxation of the lockdown the best remedy to put food on peoples table as we fight this contagious virus?
Can the public be able to adhere to the precaution measures which include frequent washing of hands under running water, if you must cough, it should be done so with flex elbow or cough into a tissue and discard immediately, use of hand sanitizer, use of face mask and most importantly social distancing in the markets?

The Untold Truths about Corona Virus

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