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Why Pastors Skip Malachi Chapter 2 And Jump To 3

by Victor Lil Vick
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Why Pastors Skip Malachi Chapter 2 And Jump To 3
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Why Pastors Skip Malachi Chapter 2 And Jump To 3

Written By Paul Tosin

Since they all claimed to be from the generation of the Levite’s and what they’re often after is tithes, They all refused to tell you the terrible curse against themselves.

Didn’t they lie or cheat, instead of turning many lives away from sinful life they help them fall in sin because of money.

The last time I said many lives has been stumbled and torn apart, majority said I didn’t read from the spirit, I’m not writing all this in fresh but in total spirit, I don’t care whatever you called me for saying the truth.

They have corrupted the covenant God made with the Levite’s because they were not Levite’s, so if they believe they were not Levite’s because of the curse but claimed to be because of receiving tithes, definitely those curses are on those Pastors believe me.

From chapter 9, i interpreted and they were been humiliated because they broke the commandments and show nepotism in the way against God’s commandments and instructions.

Many Pastors has lost his dignity and respect because of favoritism and they were all being humiliated and castigated.

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If your pastors wanted to curse you from the book of Malachi chapter 3 because you don’t pay tithes, read the curses on Malachi Chapter 2 for him too.

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