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Why You Should Go Beyond Ordinary Experience

by Victor Lil Vick
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Paul Tosin

Why You Should Go Beyond Ordinary Experience
Written By Paul Tosin ©

You can go beyond the limit of ordinary experience without acquiring of any relevant experience

Many asked me when and where do I get experience akin to situations of life generally and how relevant is my making prudent to other rising situations!

Many asked if I learned any skills regarding this attributes?

No, I didn’t got any experience or learned any skills not even waste my time reading novels but I inherent self transcendent by nature plus I train my mind since my late 18, then i notice my meditation contributes to self transcendence and then I tend to space out simply by following my breath to discover what best leads me into the being states of actualization and transcendence.

Just like I inherited from nature, you can’t force transcendence to lead you to creativity.
Just ask any artist or writer who’s blocked: Nothing. No ideas, No inspiration and no matter how hard you try, nada!
I got almost done with free mind and environment.

But you can create an environment that encourages creativity.
One of Abram Maslow’s key observations about creativeness is that achieving absorption into what he called _the matter-in-hand_ can lead to inspiration, novel solutions, and even self-transcendence.
I don’t read Novel because I already got almost its information from the novel cover.

Paul Tosin

Remember a time when you were so absorbed in an activity (concentrated thinking and daydreaming both count here) that you became unaware of anything else going on.
What did that feel like?
What was your experience?
Was it transcendent?
What were you doing?
Could you include more of that in your daily life?

Allow yourself to go child like and play.
It’s the dance like no one is watching approach.

Have fun and see what happens but never get too carried away with fun and forget your aim.

Every conceptual system has coined a term for this inner guide.
Some focus on an inherent divinity of the still small voice.
Yes it absolutely work to make you become transcendental,

Others refer to conscience, the inner voice of reason that points out moral dilemmas, others prefer intuition, the ability to gain direct knowledge independent of mental reasoning.
I call it the True Self, the instinctive Angel and or the inner voice of authenticity that lives in every human heart.

This internal advocate for Spirit directed action is the source of your attunement for a fount of limitless creativity, love, and compassion but in my own cases I only love for humanity not romantic affection.

When you pay attention to its promptings by showing up for life as directed from within,
it can also act as the perfect guardian of your destiny.
You can posses transcendent without any relevant experience

Train your mind to meditate, have deep and reasonable flow converse with your Inner Voice and become telepath of transcendental

Paul Tosin
Shadow of success
©Beyond Reasoning

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